Kindness Given Freely Comes Back 10 Folds

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For over a year some of the AHEAD Map coaches, Dr. Ashton and Dr. Rashid Buttar were compiling quotes. We split them up and were to put a story to each quote for a book he wanted to publish. I'd like to share one I wrote.

“OH F@%K!”

Is what I heard that made me lift my head from my phone and gasp as I witnessed a black SUV rocket across the road into our lane causing a head on collision.

Just before impact I closed my eyes, “Dear God…” BANG!

The noise and shock were deafening then SILENCE!

I was suspended in midair that felt like an eternity. The Surrealism as I opened my eyes floating in a white mist held me captive until the rushing sounds of color and mangled metal became form around me.

My husband and I calling out franticly.

“Are you alright?”

“We’re alive.”

“I love you”

“I’m pretty bad”


Darkness consumes me for the next 3 days.

My husband at the other end of the emergency room alone and desperate to know what was happening with me. His phone left in the crushed reminisce of a car with no way to contact any of our loved ones.

The surgeon came into his room and informed him they must do emergency exploratory surgery on me.

“Do whatever you need to do doctor, bring my Paula back to me.”

Six days later I am released from the hospital less four feet of my intestine, fractured toes, fingers, ribs, hip and skull. My husband released 2 days prior with fractured ribs, toes, fingers, shattered patella, detached triceps muscle, and concussion. You can say we are lucky to be alive. If you believe in luck.

I on the other hand don’t believe in luck when it comes to miracles or coincidences which makes this experience even more miraculous for me. I cried for days knowing God saved us for a reason. My thoughts, the bigger the miracle the bigger the task. Feeling unworthy overtakes my emotions, crying myself to sleep each night for the first two weeks.

The outpouring of love and well wishes were overwhelming. Strangers holding prayers circles. Family putting their lives on hold to tend to our every need. Neighbors cutting our grass and organizing a community of well-wishers to cook our daily meals. Friends creating a Go Fund Me page and a Benefit concert to raise money, it was all so humbling. We have always been the givers receiving is a whole different animal.

At first, I wasn’t ready to see or speak to anyone, but I knew many needed to hear my voice or see me. I managed to put on a comforting face to help them through while in my mind, chaos reigned. Why am I here? How will I know what is expected of me? Dear God, I’m afraid I will fail you.

Then the words of love and gratitude came in to help us understand the impact we’ve made in people’s lives, which helped us become better receivers. This is just a few examples out of hundreds we received.

“You two are the kindest, caring people we know.”

“Paula has been the Light in My Dark, many times.”

“You have changed my life in so many ways.”

“You need to know the difference you made in my life.”

“I love you so much, you don’t even know.”

“Both you and Paula are two of the most genuinely awesome people I've ever known.”

“Anything for you and Paula.”

“No thanks needed, I know if I ever needed anything you guys would be there in a heartbeat for me and my family.”

“One of the nicest people you'll ever meet.”

“It’s been difficult for me to put into words that you two are the most kind and caring friends I know.”

“Even though he and his wife Paula were in the hospital after a horrible wreck, he was praying for us… that’s the kind of man Charlie is.”

“Two of the most caring individuals I know. Two of the most inspiring people I know.”

“You two are one of the sweetest couples I have had the pleasure to know.”

“God isn’t through with you two.”

We read these sweet caring words and are struck by the power they hold.  Unexpectedly, kindness given freely does come back 10 folds. We are so humbled by our experience. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Love your neighbors. Be genuine and kind. That’s how we try and live our lives daily.

AdrianaW 9 months ago
I feel Blessed by reading your story Paula, Thank you for sharing it. ❤️
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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh 9 months ago

Wow,thank you❤️

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Christine Lewis
Christine Lewis 9 months ago
Praise God! Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful message! God bless!❤️
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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh 9 months ago

Thank you!

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Heidi Dean Wilcox
Heidi Dean Wilcox 9 months ago
Love your story! I agree with all the things people wrote to you. You were there for me at the advanced medicine conference. You took me under your wing so I wouldn’t have to sit alone, eat alone, be alone. You are needed here❤️
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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh 9 months ago

You made it easy Heidi, you are a sweet soul.

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Martina Schmidt von der Lieth
What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing
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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh 9 months ago

Thank you Martina.

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Bozenna Slominski
Bozenna Slominski 9 months ago
Thank you Paula , this is beautiful! You and your husband have been chosen for a higher purpose on this Earth,❤️‍🔥 love and blessings to both of you 🙏🌻
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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh 9 months ago

Thank you Bozenna.

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