Arbitrage Wallet

Arbitrage Wallet

Welcome to the Information Page for Abitrage Wallet, here you will find all the information you need to get started!



Before using the arbitrage wallet, you must make sure to have the following: 1: Access to the Arbitrage Wallet (To gain access you must have one of the packages: Basic, Advanced, Professional, Lifetime or you are a TAP Founding Member) 2: Money in your Wallet Once you are ready, you can press on replenish and deposit the chosen amount.



Once you have deposit the amount you want, you then have the option to lock the funds in for "30 Days" and start earning passive income (%'s vary, . Please be aware that you may not "Withdraw" the profits, until the "30 Day" period has passed and withdraw the initial amount for 6 Months.



If you have made a mistake you can always withdraw the amount and put it back into your wallet. The withdraw option will always be available unless you have locked the wallet. If the wallet is locked, you may not withdraw the profits until the "30 Day" period is over and you won't be able to withdraw the actual amount for 6 Months.


Arbitrage Locked Wallet

Once your wallet is locked, it will show you: 1: The amount you have locked in. 2: The start and end date. 3: Your initial investment. 4: Your total earnings after 30 Days.



The maximum amount of money you can put into your Arbitrage Wallet to lock in is: $5000 If you lock in $5000 and go over the limit after 30 Days, you will be able to lock in the wallet regardless.

Profit Return %

The amount of profit you receive will be dependant on your package. Basic Package: 3% Advanced Package: 4% Professional Package: 5% Lifetime Package: 6%