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In this exclusive interview between Stephen Gardner and Mike McCormick, a former White House press stenographer with extensive experience traveling with presidents and vice presidents, the focus is on exposing details about Joe Biden and the controversies surrounding him.

Mike, who played a role in revealing the suppressed Hunter Biden laptop story, discusses the recent New York Post revelation about the mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, and his alleged connections to the Biden family's corruption at Burisma Energy. The conversation delves into whether Klitschko could potentially be a witness in the Biden impeachment proceedings.

The interview raises the intriguing question of whether Biden's significant support and allocation of taxpayer money to Ukraine could be connected to potential family secrets buried in the country. The discussion further explores the timeline of events during Biden's visit to Kyiv, including a meeting with the mayor, the subsequent firing of a special prosecutor investigating Burisma, and Hunter Biden's lucrative position with no experience.

A striking revelation is Biden's use of three fake names and emails, totaling almost 80,000 pages of content, while serving as Vice President under Obama. The interview concludes with the anticipation that McCormick might possess evidence or testimony that could be significant in any potential Biden impeachment case.Viewers are encouraged to explore further by checking out Mike McCormick's book, "The Case to Impeach and Imprison Joe Biden," with a link provided in the description. Additionally, information on how to follow Mike and stay updated on his insights is shared.

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