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What JUST leaked out of Congress must be STOPPED NOW!

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Register for the FREE EVENT now. https://stephentalksinsidertra....ding.com/registratio The Event is Jan 31st at 3 pm Eastern. In a revealing interview with former Congressman George Santos, Ross Givens sheds light on the pervasive issue of insider trading among Washington politicians. Santos, who was expelled from the House of Representatives for financial impropriety, corroborated Givens' assertions about the rampant exploitation of insider information for personal gain within Congress.

Givens describes Santos as the whistleblower exposing the seedy underbelly of Capitol Hill, likening him to a rat revealing the secrets of his former associates. Santos has filed ethics complaints against fellow lawmakers, including Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, accusing them of illicit stock trading practices. Malliotakis, dubbed "Nicole Mallio Stock Tips," stands accused of profiting from timely trades, such as the lucrative purchase of New York Community Bank stock before a significant market announcement.

Highlighting the extent of insider trading, Givens discusses Nancy Pelosi's extraordinary stock market performance, surpassing even the most seasoned Wall Street investors. Despite Pelosi's unparalleled success, Givens emphasizes that several members of Congress outperformed even the best-performing hedge funds, citing staggering returns that dwarfed market averages.

Givens underscores the transparency of congressional stock trades, which are publicly reported, enabling astute investors to mirror lucrative transactions. He stresses that Pelosi's success hinges on leveraging privileged information inaccessible to ordinary investors, presenting a unique opportunity for those willing to follow suit.

Beyond political insiders, Givens reveals the profitability of tracking corporate insider trades, which often precede significant market-moving announcements. By emulating these trades, investors can capitalize on impending developments and secure substantial gains in the stock market.

Givens invites viewers to participate in his forthcoming free training event, where he will elucidate the intricacies of profiting from insider trades. He extols the method as a strategy for stock returns, boasting a track record of unparalleled success since 2017.

In conclusion, Givens emphasizes the transformative potential of harnessing insider information to achieve financial prosperity. By demystifying the mechanics of insider trading, he empowers investors to navigate the stock market with confidence and capitalize on lucrative opportunities previously reserved for the privileged few. Viewers are encouraged to register for the upcoming training event, poised to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the competitive world of stock trading.

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Larry Hudson
Larry Hudson 3 months ago

Sickening what these politicians are doing!!

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LindaG 3 months ago

So crooked! Feel like none of us should pay taxes anymore to support these criminals!

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