Autism Rate Increased Again?

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Did you hear the news? The autism rate is now believed to be 1 in 36 children.

      4/11/23 - Documenting Hope and Epidemic Answers

Did you hear the news?
The autism rate is now believed to be 1 in 36 children.
That’s 2.8% of children.
That’s 4% of boys. And 1 in 20 boys (5%) in California.

When Epidemic Answers opened its doors in 2009, the autism rate was 1 in 150.

4-5% of boys have autism? Has it always been this way?

The autism rate just keeps growing and growing.

Dept of Education data

U.S. Department of Education IDEA data, compiled by Randall Reiserer, PhD, 2022.

Here’s what the CDC has to say about it:

“We can’t say for sure, but we suspect this is due to increased awareness leading to more
children being identified with autism.” –Karen Remley, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H., FAAP, director 
of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) National Center on Birth Defects
and Developmental Disabilities.

“We can’t say for sure?”

You don’t know?!

We’ve been watching the rate of autism increase dramatically since the early 1990s (that’s over 30 years!),
and we still “don’t know?”

I call B.S.

We do know, we just aren’t allowed to talk about it, and when we do talk about it, we’re dismissed,
gaslit, derided, villainized, blacklisted, shadow-banned, and censored.

To be sure, we ARE better at diagnosing autism due to increased awareness and due to better
diagnostic tools and tracking, but it simply cannot account for the meteoric increase in children
with autism since the 1980s.

If we’ve gone from 1 in 150 children in 2009 to 1 in 36 in 2023, that would mean for every
child we diagnosed in 2009, we “missed” 114.


I’m sorry, but for any parent of a child with autism, you don’t “miss” this diagnosis, especially
the moderate to severe ones (“level 3 autism”), which are about 40% of cases of autism.

This is insulting to parents of children with autism.

We’re not simply better at diagnosis. We have a dramatic and frank epidemic on our hands.
And what is the CDC doing about it?

Nothing. NADA. Zilch.

If the CDC, NIH, and other governmental alphabet soup organizations aren’t going to do anything
about it, then it’s up to us, the parents, the children’s health advocates, the doctors and health
practitioners who know what’s really happening and are helping to treat these kids in a way that
will allow them be all they are meant to be.

Here is what we, at Epidemic Answers and Documenting Hope, are doing about this
concerning trend.

1.) We work every day to teach parents and practitioners about the environmental and
developmental “root causes” of the symptoms we call autism.

We teach parents and practitioners how to help all children thrive and overcome their most
distressing symptoms and diagnoses. We offer free resources such as webinars, newsletters,
educational articles, and practitioner directories. And now you can study this information
intensively at our first national in-person conference in November 2023.

2.) We bring together experts from around the world to teach us what they know about
healing the underlying causes of autism symptoms, so that we can share that information
with you, the 
parents and providers who need this vital information.

3.) We are independently funding and running two IRB-approved research studies that are looking at:

4.) We just built an online community for parents to connect and learn how to heal their children.
It’s called Healing Together, and we’ll be bringing it live soon! Stay tuned!

We can and will do more.

And we need your help.

If you like what we’re doing and you want to support us in helping more families heal from
the symptoms of autism and more, please make a tax-deductible donation today. 

                                              Your donation helps real families get on the road to vibrant health.

It’s up to us.

Our kids don’t have time to wait.

Thank you for your continued support of this important work for children’s health.

Let’s do this thing.

Beth Lambert, Founder and Executive Director

P.S. If you want your friends and families to feel the urgency of this situation the way you and I do,
share this video with them.

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