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Modern Woodworks Studio
4 Views · 28 days ago

This video was created to share my experiences and give you a mini tour of my shop. The original plans for the Wood storage cart in the video were made by @ShopNation , you can check out his video in the link below.

Wood Storage Cart

Modern Woodworks Studio
11 Views · 10 months ago

Is your WiFi network secure? Are you using strong passwords, or did you simply keep the one the vendor gave you? This video gives you 6 simple steps to secure your Wireless Router and harden your devices. This video was created using AI tools, after some minor edits and adjustments the outcome is amazing.

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Modern Woodworks Studio
10 Views · 1 year ago

Breakfast smoothie made with Kepro, banana, strawberry, rasberry, blueberry, oats, granola and coconut milk!😋

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