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InPower welcomes a new ‘wingman’, Lex Dove.

Lex is named after InPower’s comprehensive Lex Mercatoria (Law Merchant) study course, which is available to all members, and offers valuable knowledge on how to stand in your authority.

In just two minutes, Lex outlines how and why InPower’s Notice of Liability, which is rooted in the foundations of Lex Mercatoria works, and why it’s a powerful antidote to the for-profit harms we see in our world.

It’s a great way to share the message of InPower’s work with friends, family and your community.

If you struggle to express to others why you’re walking the path with InPower, and why taking action in the world is so important to you, why not let Lex do the talking?

4 Views · 2 days ago

InPower welcomes a new ‘wingman’, Lex Dove.

Lex is named after InPower’s comprehensive Lex Mercatoria (Law Merchant) study course, which is available to all members, and offers valuable knowledge on how to stand in your authority.

In just two minutes, Lex outlines how and why InPower’s Notice of Liability, which is rooted in the foundations of Lex Mercatoria works, and why it’s a powerful antidote to the for-profit harms we see in our world.

It’s a great way to share the message of InPower’s work with friends, family and your community.

If you struggle to express to others why you’re walking the path with InPower, and why taking action in the world is so important to you, why not let Lex do the talking?

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Learn how to Protect the Election at the Election Protection Bootcamp on February 16th at 11 AM EST- Register now at
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⁣Farmers Protests Spread: Desperate Farmers Protest Against Agenda 2030 New Laws

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In this informative video, attorney and financial markets trader Eva Tompkins, Esq, discusses the impact of CBDCs on religious liberty. She explains what Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are and how they differ from traditional cryptocurrencies. He also sheds light on the potential implications of CBDCs on our personal freedoms and how they could be used to control our financial transactions in the future.

This video is a must-watch for anyone who wants to stay informed about the future of money and its impact on our lives. The speaker provides valuable insights and analysis that will help you understand the significance of CBDCs and why they are something we all need to be aware of. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to learn about the future of money and its impact on religious liberty!

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Flash floods and freak firestorms, what aren't we being told? Please watch the full broadcast here:
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Duh! We all knew they were overspending and still are.

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In this video, learn about Node Nexus Network(NNN), a global decentralized AI agnostic Cloud + Datawarehouse company and their gold-backed bond and node offering!

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⁣BRICS+ MOSCOW MEETING RESULTS: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt & Ethiopia Join To Discuss Strategy

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THIS Is What They're Hiding About BlackRock - Whitney Webb Bitcoin Prediction

THIS Is What They're Hiding About BlackRock - Whitney Webb Bitcoin Prediction


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An architecture firm in Austin is attempting to scale 3D printed housing. ICON, a construction technology company, is producing energy efficient homes faster and with less waste than conventional methods. Quicktake interviews ICON CEO Jason Ballard at SXSW to learn more.Like this video? Subscribe: #3DPrinting #Architecture #ExplainedBloomberg Quicktake is a global streaming news network for a new generation of leaders and professionals. Our coverage spans your whole world, from your career ambitions to your personal passions and larger societal concerns. We provide the insights you need to make sense of the trends and stories changing your business and your world.Bloomberg Quicktake: Explained brings you the context behind the headlines, helping you see the day's news through the prism of what will matter in the years ahead. Check out our partner channels Bloomberg Quicktake: Originals for original series and Bloomberg Quicktake: Now for breaking global news.To watch complete coverage on Bloomberg Quicktake 24/7, visit, or watch on Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV and Android TV on the Bloomberg app.Connect with us!YouTube: News on YouTube:

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Get UFO of God on Amazon or Audible: I have placed actual footage from Chris Bledsoe's encounters through the video. Stephen Gardner interviews Chris Bledsoe on the UFO orbs he sees on a daily basis after a chance first encounter back in 2007. Chris Bledsoe had Crohn's disease that was healed upon meeting these beings and their orbs. Stephen Gardner can't tell if these are UFO's, UAP's, angels, demons or something from a different dimension but after seeing the video evidence he wanted to share Chris Bledsoe's story.

Timestamp: 0:01 Chris Bledsoe background
1:50 Chris Bledsoe explains his first UFO orb encounter
5:20 Fishing at Cape Fear river. 4 hours missing time.
8:30 Chris Bledsoe happens upon UFO orbs. Hides until they notice him. Then he runs.
12:30 Chris Bledsoe Jr. goes missing for 2 hours. Sees two orbs with red eyes and small creatures inside
18:20 Red orbs. When zoomed in you see shape shift orbs of energy.
20:20 50 foot egg shaped orb stops Chris Bledsoe from driving
23:50 Chris drives past area his first wife died. Orb communicates to him, his wife's death was not his fault
26:10 Orb follows Chris Bledsoe home. Coon hounds start going crazy and small, child-like being appears in front of him. Tells him they are here to help. Chris's Crohn's disease of 18 years is miraculously healed
33:00 Spot where child-like being appeared with golden triangle on chest no longer grows grass and the tree next to it died.
36:05 Q & A with Stephen Gardner. What did it look like? Tell me about Nasa. Tell me about the lady.
39:50 Chris yells to sky, I will never speak with you again. Leave me alone. A new encounter happens after 5 years.
43:20 [VIDEO OF SEVERAL ACTUAL ENCOUNTERS] After 5 years of no one but Chris's family being able to see the orbs, he's told he can now film them and show other. NASA comes to see. CIA comes to see. DOD and DIA members come. MUFON comes as well as Beyond Skinwalker Ranch and Brandon Fugal.
47:40 Stephen shares how he and 3 others saw a blueish grey orb floating near his home for 3-4 minutes.
49:40 ZOOMED IN red orbs appear to be shape shifting and putting off different levels of light energy.
51:20 Orbs can be firefly size to the size of a house.
52:20 All people seeing orbs have one thread in common, loss, grief, abuse pressure or trauma
54:40 Stephen Gardner shares what he thinks the orbs are based on all his research and reading the book.

A UFO whistleblower says that the U.S. is in possession of non-human made otherworldly craft and that it is being illegally held from Congress. Is this legitimate? Why is this being presented to us now? We look into this disclosure and obviously have many questions!

On Wednesday, Congress held a hearing about UAP’s or “unidentified aerial phenomena.” This is government speak for UFO. During the hearing, U.S. intelligence official David Grusch, a whistleblower, testified under oath before Congress that the United States has the bodies of alien pilots who were recovered from crashed UFO’s. He also said that we have crashed craft and that he will give more details about that in separate closed-door hearings.

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Register for the FREE EVENT now. The Event is Jan 31st at 3 pm Eastern. In a revealing interview with former Congressman George Santos, Ross Givens sheds light on the pervasive issue of insider trading among Washington politicians. Santos, who was expelled from the House of Representatives for financial impropriety, corroborated Givens' assertions about the rampant exploitation of insider information for personal gain within Congress.

Givens describes Santos as the whistleblower exposing the seedy underbelly of Capitol Hill, likening him to a rat revealing the secrets of his former associates. Santos has filed ethics complaints against fellow lawmakers, including Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, accusing them of illicit stock trading practices. Malliotakis, dubbed "Nicole Mallio Stock Tips," stands accused of profiting from timely trades, such as the lucrative purchase of New York Community Bank stock before a significant market announcement.

Highlighting the extent of insider trading, Givens discusses Nancy Pelosi's extraordinary stock market performance, surpassing even the most seasoned Wall Street investors. Despite Pelosi's unparalleled success, Givens emphasizes that several members of Congress outperformed even the best-performing hedge funds, citing staggering returns that dwarfed market averages.

Givens underscores the transparency of congressional stock trades, which are publicly reported, enabling astute investors to mirror lucrative transactions. He stresses that Pelosi's success hinges on leveraging privileged information inaccessible to ordinary investors, presenting a unique opportunity for those willing to follow suit.

Beyond political insiders, Givens reveals the profitability of tracking corporate insider trades, which often precede significant market-moving announcements. By emulating these trades, investors can capitalize on impending developments and secure substantial gains in the stock market.

Givens invites viewers to participate in his forthcoming free training event, where he will elucidate the intricacies of profiting from insider trades. He extols the method as a strategy for stock returns, boasting a track record of unparalleled success since 2017.

In conclusion, Givens emphasizes the transformative potential of harnessing insider information to achieve financial prosperity. By demystifying the mechanics of insider trading, he empowers investors to navigate the stock market with confidence and capitalize on lucrative opportunities previously reserved for the privileged few. Viewers are encouraged to register for the upcoming training event, poised to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the competitive world of stock trading.

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Will Michelle Obama be our next president? Biden’s campaign is over and the Democrats are looking for their next nominee. Jim Rickards tells you how Michelle Obama could replace Biden... in a very undemocratic way.

#jimrickards #2024elections #michelleobama

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⁣In the year 2023, it has become evident that the Covid PsyOp was
meticulously planned and executed long before its implementation. From
2020 until the present day, influential Traitors and Demociders such as
Fauci, Biden, the WHO, the WEF, Gavi, Bill Gates, Swiss Health Minister
and President Alain Berset, Emmanuel Macron, Lula of Brasil, Von der
Leyen, Lauterbach, Drosten, Trudeau, and numerous other individuals in
positions of power within governments, supranational organizations,
NGOs, military factions, and the medical field, have actively worked
against the welfare of humanity. They have committed a Democide and High
Treason of unprecedented proportions, surpassing even the most
devastating events described in biblical texts.
Gleichschritt, draws disturbing parallels to Nazi terminology.

The motive behind their actions becomes clear when we examine their unified support for the injection of a Bioweapon disguised as an experimental mRNA Gene-altering substance into over 5.7 billion individuals worldwide. This coordinated effort, known as Lockstep or ⁣Gleichschritt, draws disturbing parallels to Nazi terminology.

Article: ⁣

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The Apocalypse is a given at this point. Prepare for it here.
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Delve into the Global Elite’s hidden agendas in "The Great Taking" by David Rogers Webb, exposing master plans enacted to legally confiscate the world’s wealth and assets.

Join me, Taylor Kenny, as we break down this compelling documentary that exposes the system Central Bankers have in place to take everything from everyone.

📖 FREE RESOURCE: The Great Taking Summarized Here are the video's key facts, resources, and links, organized in a shareable format for you, your friends, and your family. ➡ Download now: 📞 CONCERNED ABOUT HAVING YOUR ASSETS LEGALLY TAKEN? Learn how you can take action to protect your future, privacy, and wealth. Schedule a free consultation to explore the steps you can start taking immediately. ➡ Book now: or call 866-805-8746.📖 CHAPTERS:00:00 Global Elite Hidden Agenda01:27 The Great Taking04:37 Central Counterparty Clearing07:36 CCP’s To The Rescue?09:39 Solvent Wind-DownLINK TO DOCUMENTARY: The Great Taking👋 STAY IN TOUCH WITH US🟩 Schedule a Strategy Session: 866-805-8746🟩 Email us at🟩 Official Homepage🟩 Listen On The Go:🟩 ITM's Twitter:🟩 Facebook:🌎 ABOUT ITM TRADING:For more than 28 years, Phoenix-based ITM Trading has been a nationally recognized organization for trusted, data-backed research and investor education in the precious metals industry. They strategically assist clients nationwide, specializing in the different functions that physical gold and silver products provide in a diverse portfolio. ITM Trading’s mission is to give investors the knowledge, analysis, and lifetime strategies they require to confidently navigate the intricate monetary policies that restrict economic freedoms. They help build each client a custom portfolio designed to protect and grow their wealth and assets during economic downturns, hyperinflation, and currency resets.ITM Trading Inc. © Copyright, 1995 - 2024 All Rights Reserved.

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Get a copy of The Case To Impeach and Imprison Joe Biden!

In this exclusive interview between Stephen Gardner and Mike McCormick, a former White House press stenographer with extensive experience traveling with presidents and vice presidents, the focus is on exposing details about Joe Biden and the controversies surrounding him.

Mike, who played a role in revealing the suppressed Hunter Biden laptop story, discusses the recent New York Post revelation about the mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, and his alleged connections to the Biden family's corruption at Burisma Energy. The conversation delves into whether Klitschko could potentially be a witness in the Biden impeachment proceedings.

The interview raises the intriguing question of whether Biden's significant support and allocation of taxpayer money to Ukraine could be connected to potential family secrets buried in the country. The discussion further explores the timeline of events during Biden's visit to Kyiv, including a meeting with the mayor, the subsequent firing of a special prosecutor investigating Burisma, and Hunter Biden's lucrative position with no experience.

A striking revelation is Biden's use of three fake names and emails, totaling almost 80,000 pages of content, while serving as Vice President under Obama. The interview concludes with the anticipation that McCormick might possess evidence or testimony that could be significant in any potential Biden impeachment case.Viewers are encouraged to explore further by checking out Mike McCormick's book, "The Case to Impeach and Imprison Joe Biden," with a link provided in the description. Additionally, information on how to follow Mike and stay updated on his insights is shared.

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