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Paula Kavanagh
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The power of prayer and the right mindset lifted John up from his burdans. Wanting to make people smile and to be an inspiration guided his healing in a maraculous way. Enjoy his story from the brink.

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Paula Kavanagh

Guardian Angel
Link to full version - Light In The Black⁣/watch/gu....................ardi

⁣Recorded In Nashville - 2021
Copyright 2021
Lyrics By Charlie Kavanagh
Music by Mike Simmons, Paul Simmons, Tony Nagy
Charlie Kavanagh - Vocals
Mike Simmons - Guitar
Tony Nagy - Bass and Vocals
Paul Simmons - Drums and Vocals

Paula Kavanagh
93 Views · 1 year ago

Look in the mirror. You are looking at the person responsible for your happiness.

Paula Kavanagh
87 Views · 1 year ago

Sometimes the bad things that happen in your life put you directly on the path to the best thing that will ever happen to us.

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