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Cobra Tate
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They tried to kill Andrew Tate.

Cobra Tate
16 Views · 8 months ago

Andrew Tate's Speech Will Change Your Life | Andrew Tate Motivation.
Andrew "Cobra" Tate is a Romanian-based British-American kickboxer and online personality.

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Cobra Tate
6 Views · 8 months ago

When will you realise the power of thought?Need Money?

Cobra Tate
8 Views · 8 months ago

Andrew Tate speaking about why you... doing good for people...increases your "attack points" but do you understand?

Cobra Tate
10 Views · 8 months ago

In this Emergency Meeting Best Bits clip Andrew reveals his genuine disappointment in Elon Musk for what he did.

Cobra Tate
4 Views · 8 months ago

Never spill a drink around Andrew Tate's podcast set!

Cobra Tate
9 Views · 8 months ago

If you still don't get it after watching this...🤦‍♂️

Cobra Tate
6 Views · 8 months ago

Andrew "Cobra" Tate is a Romanian-based British-American kickboxer and online personality.

This is our compilation of his most inspiring and motivational speeches regarding his secrets to success! Watch the video until the end for mind-blowing life advice by Andrew "Top G" Tate!

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