Grandma's 'Two Cents' "A Prayer a Day Helps Keep the Doctor Away"(FIT Focused Intentional Thought) Tues Eve.

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Sharon Leonard
This blog is named for my Irish Grandmother, Mary Ellen Lee-Hughes, who taught me to use logic and common sense when navigating through life situations.

11/22/22 When I was very young my Grandmother or "Gram" taught me life lessons without speaking at all. Although she had many Irish sayings that only resonated with me when I was older/wiser, it was her personality that taught me so much about life. She was mischevious and had a bright smile with a twinkle in her eye as she would say "You have a face only a Mother could love." I being 5 or 6 years old was so proud that my Mom loved my face. She had hundreds of sayings like this. When recalling her many sayings as an adult I was shocked by them and at the same time couldn't stop laughing. I was still realizing what some sayings meant when I was in my forties. Gram just had a way about her. Everyone loved her. She spoke the truth and then some, nobody was ever offended because they knew she was full of love and laughter. Whenever I was at her house, which was quite often, she would leave for about 20- 30 minutes and say "Time for prayers." She would go to her comfy chair, read her prayers and then she would close her eyes for a while, which today is called meditating. One of my most vivid memories of my happy, mischevious, Irish Grandmother was going to church with her on Sundays and singing the songs as loudly as I could. Unfortunately, those who sat near the annoying kid who thought she could sing probably weren't enjoying the mass as much as me. One thing my Gram and Mom instilled in us 5 kids was "Remember to thank God and give him some of your time each day, if it weren't for God, you wouldn't be here." As a child I listened and did as I was told not realizing how valuable that advice was. Watching my Gram pray inspired me to have a relationship with our Creator to this day. Every Tuesday night there is a focused intentional thought of prayer guided by Dr Buttar that has changed many lives. It is at 9pm EST (NY time). I know my Gram would be there physically, I know she is there spiritually. This event has presented miracles to me that are hard to put into words (and I'm a talker)! I hope it will for you too. Try it out tonight if you will, as my Gram would say: "You've got nothing to lose" & "God's smiling at ya." Register to pray with many at the same time on Tues nights 9pm EST here:

Robin Green
Robin Green 1 year ago
What wonderful memories!
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Fran Gourdet
Fran Gourdet 1 year ago
Thanks for sharing your Gram with us. I'm sure you miss her. I enjoy hearing the stories of previous generations. I didn't grow up any of my grandparents around. They died before I was born. So now enjoy everyone else's, vicariously.
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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard 1 year ago

Awwe, thank you and Your Grandparents are smiling down upon you.🙏🏻❤️

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