Thriving in a world of change

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Frontier science reveals civilization is poised on the threshold of a major evolutionary event; a new world is emerging right before our eyes. In the face of global crises in health, home and heart, a..

From an evolutionary standpoint, we are exactly where we need to be. We are surrounded by the proof that we are poised on the threshold of the emergence of a giant super-organism called Humanity.


A “new” biology will take us beyond politics, economic collapse, climate change, religious and racial extremes, and the impending 6th mass extinction event, to reveal that such chaos is a natural step in an unfolding process, rather than the tragic end to a broken planet. 


The key to our human evolution is knowing the truth of what’s possible, and what we can do to foster our human transformation during this critical time – to heal ourselves, our societies, and our planet.


Shamini Jain, PhD, clinical psychologist, biofield healing researcher and teacher, joins renowned scientist, Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, cell biologist and bestselling author, to unveil a revolutionary vision of frontier science that reveals a grand convergence of the Body-Mind-Spirit trinity. A renaissance in science, combined with the wisdom of personal and transpersonal healing practice, offers us the code to well-being that allows us to not only navigate, but to thrive and create new possibilities for flourishing during this turbulent time in history.


Designed for the lay audience, Drs Lipton and Jain provide information, inspiration, self-healing practices and an invitation to participate in the greatest adventure in human history—Conscious Evolution! Understanding how spirit, consciousness, and programming interface our genes and behavior, and understanding the true power of our energy and consciousness to heal, empowering us to evolve from passive victims to responsible co-creators.


The turning point of change is emerging as people awaken to their inherent power; a new force, for turning fear of an unwanted situation into the hope of new possibilities. This program offers a bold and hopeful vision as well as practical direction and healing guidance to usher in the next “holistic” stage of human civilization and explore how each of us can fully participate in creating the world to come.


Martina Schmidt von der Lieth
Nicely said
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Paula Kavanagh
Paula Kavanagh 11 months ago
Love your insight Dr. Lipton!
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LindaN 11 months ago
Thank you Dr. Lipton!!! Looking forward to more
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Cami 1 year ago
Thank you Dr Lipton, I am looking forward to your program!✨
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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard 2 years ago
Thank you Dr Lipton, for always having such a wonderful grasp of our world around us and our part in it. Really looking forward to reading your book!🙏🏻
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DetoxGal 2 years ago
Thank you. I have learned so much from Dr Lipton
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Bozenna Slominski
Bozenna Slominski 2 years ago
I love listening to you Dear Dr. B. Lipton!
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Martin Enderlin
Martin Enderlin 2 years ago
Gratitude, love, and light to you, Bruce
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Speak_the_Truth 2 years ago
Dr. Lipton is always so uplifting. Thoroughly enjoyed reading his book The Biology of Belief
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Shahla Noor AL-deen
Shahla Noor AL-deen 2 years ago
Love and Gratitude!
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ADRIENNE GROTE 2 years ago
Thank you!
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