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The Science of Belief … In a Nutshell

Many people disregard the role of “belief” in shaping our lives as being some sort of “New Age” malarkey, meaningless nonsense. They emphasize the science of epigenetics that clearly states that environment controls genetics, which in turn, determines the character of our lives.

Consider this story: Mutt and Jeff are two twenty-something year-old friends, who grew up together in side-by-side houses. Walking down a sidewalk, all of a sudden, a harmless garter snake slithers out of the grass and crosses the sidewalk in front of the two friends. Jeff sees the snake and is consciously excited by the beautiful animal that crossed his path. Next to him, Mutt on observing the same snake, goes into a state of fear and releases a burst of stress hormones. Fortunately, Mutt’s heart is in good shape, if it had been compromised, the sight of the snake could have even caused him to have a heart attack.

Both Mutt and Jeff are in the exact same environment and see the same stimulus, the snake. However, their responses are radically different. Conventional insights describe epigenetics as the science of how “environment” controls behavior and genetic activity. Based on how the tissue culture environment controlled the behavior of my cultured stem cells in experiments are carried out over 50 years ago, I recognize this to be true. The big question is, “Why did these friends display such significantly different behaviors in the exact same environment?”

The answer is profoundly important, for it emphasizes the power of belief in determining the character of our lives. Firstly, the fate and behavior of a cell living in the “outer” environment, such as an amoeba, is indeed shaped by the nature of that external environment. However, the cells inside your body are not in direct contact with the external environment. Under your skin, the cells in the body are living in a completely different world, one controlled by the body’s enclosed growth medium, the blood. Simply, the behavior and genetics of the body’s cellular community are controlled by the chemistry of the interior environment, which in turn, is determined by the composition of the blood.

The brain, the “chemist” that controls the composition of the blood, depends on the nervous system to read the body’s external environment. The brain then releases into the blood the hormones, neuropeptides, and emotional chemistry that should coordinate the body’s behavior and genetics to survive in the ever-changing external world. The relevant point is that the nervous system “interprets” the environmental conditions in its efforts to control blood composition and accommodate the behavior needed to sustain life.

When Jeff first encountered a snake in his backyard as an infant, his mother, a biologist, picked up the snake, handled it and showed Jeff how wonderful it was. In contrast, when the same snake slithered from Jeff’s yard into Mutt’s neighboring yard, it resulted in a completely different response. Fearful of snakes, Mutt’s mother upon seeing the garter snake screamed and grabbed Mutt as she ran inside for safety. From his mother’s reaction, Mutt acquired the perception that snakes were life threatening.

Now, let’s come back to the current day. When the snake was crossing the sidewalk, Jeff was delighted to see it and his brain released loving and calming chemistry into his blood that shaped his internal environment. In contrast, Mutt’s brain infused his body with fear-provoking stress hormones that shifted him from a state of growth into a state of fear which shut down his growth mechanisms and engaged his protection behavior.

So, the behavior and genetics of the cells in each of these two bodies expressed a completely different response to the same external environmental signals. In both friends, epigenetic mechanisms controlling their biology were responding to the body’s interior environment. The difference between the two reactions were based on the acquired beliefs each had as a child.

The emphasis on environment controlling genetics as described in epigenetic science is absolutely true. The important conclusion is that the epigenetic “environment” inside the body is distinct and separate from the environment outside the body. Since “belief” controls the chemistry of the internal environment, then it is a truly scientific fact that “belief” controls our epigenetic expression. Change your beliefs and then you are empowered to change your biology.

The Biology of Belief is grounded in real science!

With Love and Light,

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Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. relates the use of a checkbook with the biological process. The human body is equipped with molecules known as ATP, which act as form of currency amongst the cells.

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"Bruce Lipton's Music for a Shift in Consciousness"


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Dr. Bruce Lipton dispels the myth that we only use 10% of our brain. On the nature of Glial cells

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This is one of the most eye opening speeches by Dr. Bruce Lipton.
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Speaker : Bruce Lipton

Full Interview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCG1zj3mxOw&t=2189s


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Bruce Lipton - 'The Power Of Consciousness' - Interview by Iain McNay

Bruce is a cellular biologist who is the author of "The Biology Of Belief" and "Spontaneous Evolution". He talks about his life, his work, and how he sees the predicament of the human race.

The transcript of this interview is available to view here - http://www.conscious.tv/text/53.htm

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"Language was designed to hide vibrations!" Dr. Bruce Lipton.
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Speech by Dr. Bruce Lipton - https://www.youtube.com/user/biologyofbelief


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"This Will Reset 100% Of The Subconscious" Dr. Bruce Lipton
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**Read Dr. Bruce Lipton's Bestseller Book**

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles - https://amzn.to/2UPPKPf


Speech by Dr. Bruce Lipton -

Website - https://www.brucelipton.com/
YT - https://www.youtube.com/user/biologyo...


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Bruce Lipton - Biology of Belief - Part 1 of 2.
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Bruce Lipton, is an American developmental biologist best known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person’s beliefs.

00:00 Trailer.
02:15 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
5:24 Brian’s introduction.
6:00 Bruce Lipton is turning conventional science thinking on its head.
08:02 Negative thinking is equally as powerful on the body as positive thinking.
09:51 Your DNA is not controlling your future.
11:40 Explanation of Epigenetics.
16:58 Realisation of environmental effect on stem cells and how this message is received by scientific world.
23:19 How pharmaceutical companies control discussion and research in the medical industry.
29:23 Fighting pharmaceutical companies hold on medicine by belief in the body’s ability to heal itself.
30:32 Stress causes nearly 90 per cent of visits to Doctors.
34:29 The importance of the first seven years of a child’s life.
45:31 How Bruce changed his life around.
48:56 Parenting by being aware of our sub-conscious behaviour.
56:21 Using meditation and psychedelics to access the subconscious mind.
1:04:11 “The Honeymoon Effect” the story of the conscious mind and how to keep the honeymoon alive.
1:11:13 The evolutionary paradigm, next step is to act together to create humanity after 6th mass extinction.
1:17:39 Bruce’s view of Donald Trump’s actions in getting rid of the corporations.
1:22:27 What Bruce discovered that he is now so in love with life.
1:28:13 Bruce’s mission for the future years.
1:30:07 Success secrets.
1:30:36 Does Bruce see technology good for humans or should we be frightened off it?
1:33:29 Why Bruce chooses to live where he does.
1:35:03 Phone call to the 20 year old Bruce Lipton.
1:40:11 Best advice he ever received.
1:42:01 Advice to young people watching who want to change their consciousness.
1:42:16 Brian’s summing up.

Show Notes:
Bruce Lipton website.
Bruce Lipton on YouTube
Bruce Lipton on Facebook
Bruce Lipton on Twitter
Bruce Lipton on Wikipedia

Bruce Lipton Books:
The Biology of Belief
The Honeymoon Effect
Spontaneous Evolution

Topics discussed:
Human Genome Project
The Biology of Belief lecture.
The Matrix
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Society of Jesus
Kent State shootings
Charlottesville Unite the Right rally
Donald Trump and the EPA

People mentioned in this episode:
Francis Crick
James Watson
Angelina Jolie
Robert Kiyosaki
Douglas Rushkoff
Kevin Kelly
Elon Musk
Charles Darwin
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
Alfred Russel Wallace

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://londonreal.tv/bruce-lipton

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This is the video cast of the Commune podcast with Jeff Krasno. In this episode, Jeff interviews Dr. Bruce Lipton on the Biology of Belief. Contrary to an outdated understanding of genetics, your genes aren’t actually “on” or “off.” Different chemicals cause different responses in your genes, and since it is your brain that decides what chemical signals to send to the cells, your consciousness is actually your chief architect. In this episode, Dr. Lipton and Jeff discuss the interconnected relationship between belief and biology, and how you can use Dr. Lipton’s pioneering understanding of epigenetics to create health.

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Bruce Lipton: LISTEN TO THIS EVERYDAY (Very Powerful Speech)

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