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Bruce Lipton - Money and Energy

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Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. relates the use of a checkbook with the biological process. The human body is equipped with molecules known as ATP, which act as form of currency amongst the cells.

Music by: Russel Walder
"Bruce Lipton's Music for a Shift in Consciousness"


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Healthnana 1 year ago

I love Dr Bruce Lipton, I've been following him for years

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Crystal Constance
Crystal Constance 1 year ago

I needed to hear this. It resonates deeply within me. Thank you for sharing. I will listen to this again and again. 💥

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Arlene Coffey, CDT, LD

So grateful to you Dr Lipton🙌❤️

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AnneC Collins
AnneC Collins 2 years ago

Thank you Dr. Lipton for sharing this very practical way to think about how we think! I will definitely use this to focus on energetically interest-bearing thoughts!

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