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Ron Paul being interviewed by Robert Kiyosaki adviser Mike Maloney. See why silver and gold are the best investment you can have right now.Silver is set to make enormous gains like it always has in times of economic crisis, and collapsing fiat currencies.

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In this video, learn about Node Nexus Network(NNN), a global decentralized AI agnostic Cloud + Datawarehouse company and their gold-backed bond and node offering!

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An architecture firm in Austin is attempting to scale 3D printed housing. ICON, a construction technology company, is producing energy efficient homes faster and with less waste than conventional methods. Quicktake interviews ICON CEO Jason Ballard at SXSW to learn more.Like this video? Subscribe: #3DPrinting #Architecture #ExplainedBloomberg Quicktake is a global streaming news network for a new generation of leaders and professionals. Our coverage spans your whole world, from your career ambitions to your personal passions and larger societal concerns. We provide the insights you need to make sense of the trends and stories changing your business and your world.Bloomberg Quicktake: Explained brings you the context behind the headlines, helping you see the day's news through the prism of what will matter in the years ahead. Check out our partner channels Bloomberg Quicktake: Originals for original series and Bloomberg Quicktake: Now for breaking global news.To watch complete coverage on Bloomberg Quicktake 24/7, visit, or watch on Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV and Android TV on the Bloomberg app.Connect with us!YouTube: News on YouTube:

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This is what Bill Gates has to say about AI. It's here and to stay. What are your thoughts?

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Love what just happened!! Trump just said he'd ban any CBDC because..."Such a currency would give our federal government the absolute control over your money. THEY could take your money! You wouldn't even know it was gone. This would be a dangerous threat to FREEDOM and I will stop it!"Now NO COUNTRY on the planet will ever approve a CBDC...NONE!! The CAT is out of the BAG!!

Credits: Road to Rota

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Damon Imani....👏👏👏 Wish it was real!

True or just Satire? You decide.


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⁣Bill Gates Declares AI as the Biggest Productivity Advance of Our Age at Davos 2024
Source: Real World News

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From Facebook and Instagram to Amazon Prime, most U.S. consumers have an online footprint that is growing daily.Email addresses, phone numbers, shopping habits, birthdays and more are all being rolled into a monetizable data profile the companies and data brokers are using to better understand the needs and wants of consumers. Often this is without the knowledge or informed consent of the consumers.A study from the University of Pennsylvania found 79% of Americans feel they have little control over what marketers can find out about them. This is what experts are calling "data fatigue," the idea that many consumers know their data is being collected but feel there is little they can do to stop it. The same study found that more than half of respondents did not know the full extent of what companies can do with their data. Now that data acquisition model is moving offline, to the aisles of your local grocery chain."Retailers today are doing just about everything they can to get as much information about you as possible, because that's a whole new revenue stream for them," said R.J. Cross, director of Public Interest Research Group's Don't Sell My Data campaign. "Almost every single company that you're shopping at today is in the business of selling your data, and you and your data are their latest product."In 2021 the data broker market was valued at an estimated $319 billion. That value is expected to pass $545 billion by 2028. In the past retailers would buy data from data brokers to get a better idea of consumer trends. Now, they're cutting out the middleman, collecting consumer data directly through things such as loyalty programs, location tracking, app usage, and even digital receipts."My face is part of the data that's being captured, my behavior, and all of that gives off many more pieces of information about me, my age, my gender, my ethnicity," said Refive founder and CEO Mitul Jain. "And all of these pieces of information can then again be combined together with all these other little tidbits that I've been leaving behind from my shopping journey."Watch the video above to learn how retailers are collecting and using consumer data and why the U.S. government is now stepping in.Chapters:0:00 Introduction1:51 In touch with touchpoints8:00 Third-party data to first-party data15:06 What can we do about it?Producer: Devan BurrisEditor: Evan Lee MillerSupervising Producer: Jeff MorganteenAnimation: Jason Reginato, Andrea Schmitz, Christina LocopoAdditional Footage: Getty»

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⁣IMPORTANT: " Study this video. Learn the language. Figure out what is being laid out here. This is the Bankster's plan to steal EVERYTHING from EVERYONE. (1 hour 11 minutes 55 seconds)."

"Listen and Compare Closely the words of Rudolf Steiner as this 'Prison Plane' is being built up around us. In Rudolf Steiner’s view this prison or 'Eighth Sphere' was created by the two Dark Powers of Lucifer and Ahriman (the antiChrist) to STEAL EVERYTHING that Exists within the Earth and compartmentalize it within this hierarchical sphere of isolation. In a sense, it is a prison where no forward spiritual evolution can take place."

🥑David Avocado Wolfe 🥑

⁣You can download the ebook pdf free here.

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⁣Put the power back to the people. Take charge of our future, and be a part of Web 5.0. Yes, 5.0.

We are ahead of the curve, building for our future. We are in control, AI is following the 3 Rules of Robotics (To do no harm humans) Do not be silenced, but stand tall and use your free will.

Your data, is stored in containers that you control. When you decide to surf the internet and share your data, then you are reimbursed. No more stealing your information. You earn silver-backed tokens when you choose to share your data. Now your are back in control!

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Get paid for being you.
#datastorage #DigitalAuthenticity #AuthenticIntelligence #datasecurity #immutable #immutablility #BigData #SeanBrehm #CrowdPoint #iVM #venturemarket #Vogon #decentralizedcloud Turn your data into the asstes.Transform your data to passive income. Upload your data to become Authentic Intelligence.CrowdPoint builds the future of decentralized finance. Sean Brehm, the CrowdPoint Technologies CEO, delivering a speech at the Hong Kong CSpro Launch

Source: PositiveTimeline2023

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Why will #NNN OR #NodeNexusNetwork put on the most innovative node sale launch to date?
4 reasons:
1. Compliance: regulatory acceptance
2. Asset backed: Real world assets
3. Democratized: anyone can participate
4. NexGen: These aren’t your grandfather’s nodes…Come learn with us!

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#realestate #success #motivation

Dad teaches kid how to underwrite a real estate deal using units, rents, vacancy, NOI & cap rates to determine prices paid. Also how to compare to replacement cost & improved value because of rent increases.

This is real estate MADE SIMPLE!

We are about to enter the greatest real estate cycle in my lifetime. Get prepared for it. I’ll show you how to get in the game.

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#investing #money #motivation
Creative Investing in Real Estate with Pace Morby & Grant Cardone -

On today's episode of Power Players, I have with me @PaceMorby Me and my wife have been following this guy for years. Today we will be talking about some really interesting ways on how to make money in real estate. This guy blew my mind and showed me some stuff I didn't think was possible.

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Be Great
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WATCH - It's time we talk about this, the Public has never heard this side of the story. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international non-governmental and lobbying organisation for multinational companies based in Cologny, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland. It was founded on 24 January 1971 by German engineer Klaus.
Please SHARE this as widely as you feel drawn...Content licensed Related:World Economic Forum, WEFWorld Economic Forum, WEFWorld Economic Forum, WEFKeywords:end times productions message strange truth world news current events october 2023 today this week this month motivation america wef

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Digital Currency is already haskell in China. Could it Hakeem in the USA?

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After watching this video it seems suspicious about devaluation of property in targeted areas and large companies and investment groups rushing to buy. What's wrong with this picture?

Video Credit: Kwak Brothers

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After watching this video it seems suspicious about devaluation of property in targeted areas and large companies and investment groups rushing to buy. what's wrong with this picture?

Video Credit:

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Sean Brehm talks about how CrowdPoint went the extra mile and included 3rd party verification of transactions and document signing called Apostille

Fran Gourdet
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⁣Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to supercharge your buying power without breaking the bank! In this video, we reveal a limited-time offer where you can get $1000 worth of buying power for just a one-time fee of $25. With the holidays approaching, who wouldn't want to save big? But wait, it gets better – it's not just about saving; it's also about earning money!

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CEO Sean Brehm talks with the President and COO Nadab Akhtar about the beginnings and vision of CrowdPoint Technologies

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4.5 Billion Investors! (Equity Crowdfunding: a story of the past, present, and future)

The public markets (Wall Street) operate on a common infrastructure, but what powers the private markets (Main Street)? No one was providing this venue, until now...

World's first SEC qualified blockchain platform: for Crwdnits: token (press release): partners with Neo Bank: partners with ESG Bank: Stock Market Sign Up (IVM): me for more content on TikTok @DigitalOilHunter#vogon #crwdunit #crwdunits #web3 #crypto #blockchain #decentralized #bitcoin #ethereum #xrp #qfs #crowdpoint #artificialintelligence #authenticintelligence #chatgpt

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⁣🌟 I'm dropping a game-changer that could transform your life in just a few months, and it won't break the bank! 💰 Would you dare to say no? 😲

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8 Reasons for Vogon AI Part 1 YouTube.mp4
⁣Introduction by Sean Michael Brehm,chairman and CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies.
At CrowdPoint. Our team keenly understood the difference between data, information, artificial intelligence, and the infrastructure required to run all of them. Because of this deep knowledge, we quietly set out to champion the Human Identity in the face of the upcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution. We knew that any AI would have to consume vast amounts of data to build language models that would help it “mimic” humans. In its simplest form, we understood that AI is hardware and software technology working together to mimic human behaviour. We knew the raw material to power this effort would be your data and that you would not be compensated. We had to solve the eight problems Artificial Intelligence is plagued with today by making it Authentic and ensuring that the data owners would be paid for use.

Will Coufreur
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Part 3 (of 3, not 4) of The CrowdPoint Journey.mp4
⁣CrowdPoint Technologies is not just another tech company; it's the foundation of the next-generation internet—Web3.

The Company is revolutionizing the way people interact with the digital world by creating a secure, reliable, and user-friendly ecosystem.
Whether you're a 16-year-old or an industry veteran, CrowdPoint is making the internet accessible and safe for you, breaking down barriers of age and technical skill level.
The Company's vision is to empower individuals as the true owners and beneficiaries of their data.
To realize this, CrowdPoint initially experimented with leveraging individual laptops as mini-servers to protect and potentially monetize user data. While innovative, this approach had scalability limitations due to the diversity in devices and operating systems.

That's when the Company pivoted to develop the Vogon Decentralized Cloud—a globally distributed, specialized node server system designed for high performance and impenetrable security.
This isn't just any cloud; it's a decentralized cloud technology underpinned by a decentralized ledger database. All data is encrypted and stored in an embedded document store that is both secure and organized, ensuring only authorized access.
The Vogon infrastructure also incorporates cutting-edge technologies like deterministic concurrency and BLS 12-381 algorithms for unparalleled data security and integrity.
This tech stack enables the Company to offer what it calls Authentic Intelligence, an ethical and transparent form of AI that evolves into Collective Intelligence as more users engage with the Vogon platform.

Think of it as a data lake that is not just secure and ethical, but also potentially profitable for the user—all adhering to the ethical principles, including Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics.
To complement its robust and decentralized cloud infrastructure, they have developed a powerful Virtual Machine, purpose-built for Web3.
This ensures lightning-fast processing of information without compromising on security.
In a nutshell, CrowdPoint Technologies is the backbone of Web3. They are redefining data management and monetization, providing a compelling investment opportunity in the new digital frontier.

Its scalable, secure, and ethical platform sets us apart, offering everyone access to the latest technology while keeping data secure and controlled by the user.
Invest in CrowdPoint Technologies, and you're investing in the future of the internet.

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Part 2 CrowdPoint Journey ATD.mp4
By Sean Brehm
⁣What is the Vogon Technology in the simplest way possible.

A lot of people think that blockchain and a database are the same thing, but they're not.

So, what's a blockchain? Think of it like a digital ledger, right?

It's a list of transactions that everyone can see and agree on. But here's the thing, it only has the hash—a sort of digital fingerprint—that represents the transaction. It doesn't store all the details of what went down in the transaction. It isn't a custodial holding technology storing the data like a database does.

Now, when it comes to databases, that's where the juicy details are kept. Your name, the amount, time, all that stuff. And that's usually a Web 1.0, old-school relational database.

People get confused because they think, "Oh, blockchain is transparent and immutable, so the data must be too!."

But nah, that's not how it works.
The hash on the blockchain is immutable, sure, but the actual data behind it, the stuff in the database, can be changed nor is it fully transparent.

So, in simple terms, the blockchain is like the cover of a book, and it gives you a general idea of what the story is.

But the actual details of the story, the stuff that can be edited or is hidden—that's all in the database.
Vogon has combined both of those and built a decentrlaized cloud where the format of how the data is stored to create a data lake of your data.
That personal data lake is the nueral node of your Authentic Intelligence - your authentic human experience - and when you share it with others - it becomes Collective Intelligence.

Will Coufreur
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Part 1 CrowdPoint Journey.mp4

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The Future of Investing: Get Paid For Your DataLearn about the future of investing and join us every Thursday at 5:30 PM CST on the zoom call:

Sign up and purchase Crwdunits at: me for more content on TikTok at DigitalOilHunter#vogon #crwdunit #crwdunits #web3 #crypto #blockchain #decentralized #bitcoin #ethereum #xrp #qfs #crowdpoint #artificialintelligence #authenticintelligence #chatgpt

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