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27 Views· 08/22/22
Mahlikah The Moonrise Poet

For our latest iteration, we bring together four Indigenous female poets to speak their truth in the sixth edition of the CBC Arts series Poetic License. When it comes to Black liberation and Indigenous sovereignty, Afro-Indigenous artist Mahlikah The Moonrise Poet is done debating. In this poem entitled DON'T SPEAK, Mahlikah's colonial critique is direct and biting with lines like "you buried our stories like you buried our children" — yet she still manages to invite reconciliation and healing. Mahlikah started writing the poem in 2018 for the Louder than a Bomb Toronto Slam Finals, but its intentions shifted when Cree elder Vern Harper passed away before it was finished.

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Kim Outten
Kim Outten 2 years ago

So important that we stand in our power! This is an amazing video with a clear, powerful and correct message. From one sister to another, niawen'kó:wa......Thank you so much.

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Mahlikah The Moonrise Poet

One of the most heart centred performances I have done to camera 🙏🏽💗

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Linda Olney Sikes
Linda Olney Sikes 2 years ago

I honor you & your message

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Mahlikah The Moonrise Poet

Thank you 🙏🏽

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