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How I Use My New Inductive Study Bible (viewer request): Actually Using It to Study II John (Part 3)

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Alyce-Kay Ruckelshaus
Alyce-Kay Ruckelshaus
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At a viewer's request, I'm showing you how I use the New Inductive Study Bible to study a book of the Bible (II John) that I haven't really studied before... as well as being short enough to do in just a few videos.

So this is a 3-part series.

The first part is here: ⁣https://crwdview.com/watch/tBVx75fXOOrMZpA
Part 2 is here: ⁣https://crwdview.com/watch/how....-i-use-my-new-induct

For a much longer study using this Bible, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys2lSienj10&list=PL-qJGkcLR7n4qff42avWQJMmfGBinU50l

You can find my photo album for this video series here: https://www.facebook.com/AlyceKayRuckelshaus/media_set?set=a.2066138243679973&type=3&uploaded=6 Although it's in Facebook, I'm pretty sure that anyone can look at it and that you don't have to have a Facebook account to do so. Please let me know if you have trouble viewing it.

I hope you'll get your own Bible out and study along with me -- whether you have this wonderful inductive study Bible or not.

Please also consider sharing in the comments the things that the Holy Spirit points out to you as you study along. You have different things going on your life than I do, so He may highlight different areas or give you different insights.Please understand (this is really important) that I'm not saying truth is relative or that the truth is different for each of us. What I'm saying is that there is sooo much truth in God's Word that none of us has the capacity to highlight all of it at once, and God makes some parts more clear to us or more important to us, depending on where we are at the time and what He wants to show us.

Okay, things that I said I'd include links for ...The New Inductive Study Bible. There are a few different cover options, so I'll send you to one and you can go from there: https://amzn.to/2LMjWG0 This link will take you to an imitation leather cover. I don't recommend the hard cover. This is a book you will be writing in -- that's the purpose of this particular study Bible -- and it's hard to write in a hardback book. Likewise, a paperback will not hold up to a lot of writing. If you can't afford the imitation leather, I would personally recommend the paperback as it will be easier to use than the hardback. You'll just have to replace it sooner, probably, and that's not the end of the world, right?

As I said, I don't recommend the pens I was using. They're just what I had immediately available. AND if using something that's not ideal is going to get you studying the Bible, then by all means, use what's less than ideal. But if possible, for the long-term, I recommend using highlighters that are made especially for the thin pages of the Bible and which you'll be able to write on top of. I like these ones: https://amzn.to/2LILIDq A second option would be good old colored pencils. Here's a nice set of 12, or pick them up and just about any store: https://amzn.to/2LLdNKy

Kay Arthur's ministry, Precepts Ministries International: https://www.precept.org/

I hope that you'll spend some time doing what I've done in this video yourself and spend some time really thinking and praying about what God has shown you so far. If you're a journaler, also journal about it.

I write transformational fiction and the first book in my Isaiah Cadre series is available free in ebook form! You can get that here: ⁣https://dl.bookfunnel.com/es49ch5nyr After you read that book, the next one comes free along with a free subscription to my newsletter.

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If you have questions or comments, please consider including them in the comments below. If you have a question, others probably do, too, so you'll be helping others. If you need to contact me privately, you can do so through my Facebook group, Pray Serve Go: ⁣https://www.facebook.com/groups/prayservego

Thanks for watching!
Alyce-Kay Ruckelshaus
Sweetwater, Tennessee, USA

*I earn a very small commission when you use my Amazon links. It doesn't cost you anything extra and it's just a tiny bit, but it adds up to help me out and makes my videos possible.

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