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⁣They have announced that they will kill us many times over the years! I didn't believe them! Watch and pray.
They're totally evil. Satan laughs at how easily he has fooled us. They destroyed the weak faith and then made us destroy ourselves. Demons are very clever. That's what happens when you don't have faith in the One who Created everything.


John Mirror
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⁣Nothing is accidental, it's all part of the PLAN.

source: ⁣Vai voua, fariseilor!

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It originally started in 2005 with the Defence Intelligence Agency…which created a 501 C3…called the Global Viral Forecasting Institute…


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⁣Sinister truth about "Smart Cities"

Smart cities are hell on earth, and the technical details aren't necessarily necessary for the common man.
Because if we're stupid enough to let that happen, then we deserve hell!
In these concentration camps all normal life will disappear, because it will be characterized by: radiation, synthetic everything, poverty, disappearance of wealth, money, freedom, continuous stress, lack of love, and lack of self-determination.
And why can this happen?
Because we didn't like freedom, we threw it away, becoming fearful, selfish, mean, unsympathetic to the injustices that other people suffer, and above all we became faithless!
We see the lack of justice and truth in all areas, and we choose not to get involved, becoming de facto accomplices of the forces of darkness.
Either we all escape, or we all perish, there is no more time for individualism or personalized solutions!


Pray Pray Pray Human

John Mirror
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⁣How likely is it that those who rule the world today are descended from families who put Lord Christ on the Cross!?
⁣Those of you who are still human, don't stop praying. We live in the end times, those prophesied from the beginning.
Apocalypse (change). The end of an evil generation.

⁣Most of those who commit crimes against humanity in 2023 will not be judged by earthly courts but will go
directly to the Righteous Judgment of Christ God through His Second Coming.

⁣Lord Christ: there have been generations but this is the worst!

John Mirror
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⁣Playing God has disastrous consequences for all, and God has told us that this is desired, but not by Him.
⁣⁣Man urged on by satan is destroying himself.

⁣Very soon God's Son is coming to cleanse His Creation, too many of us are impassive.
God has conveyed on several occasions: I will not be mocked!

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The biggest conspiracy in the world. All governments are lying to us. Don't judge this video before you've seen it. See if you can answer these challenging questions. Contact me for more information and I'll send you the link.

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Help end the Satanic rule of the elite by exposing what's under the Getty Museum and other DUMBS

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Fishing with Grandpa.mp4

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WARNING: Strong message!

Issac Kappy tried to warn the world about conduct in Hollywood and eventually paid with his life.

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True or Not? This is Joe Rogan and his take on AI teaching itself. It reasons and uses logic.

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Could what is being said true? Looking up COVFEFE, there was an act called the same. here's what was found.

⁣Introduced in House (06/12/2017)

Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically For Engagement Act of 2017 or the COVFEFE Act of 2017

This bill amends provisions governing presidential records to: (1)
revise the definition of "documentary material" to include social media;
revise the definition of "presidential records" to include any personal
and official social media account; and
define "social media" as any
form of electronic communication (such as a website for social
networking and microblogging) through which users create an online
community to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other
content (such as videos).

Could it have a larger meaning?

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⁣⁣May 1, 2023 | Truth Without Tact is Cruelty | Alex Stone


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⁣Spotted over Miami Beach today… video from Leland Randleman. What do you think?

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This is very difficult to listen but know this is not a conspiracy theory. We must share what's being hidden. Look at the eyes of this kid. Eyes are the windows to our soul.

Watch your kids like a hawk. Evil is all around. Learn, teach, love and protect your kids.

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If you feel the same way, please comment. Trying to stay as close to no processing organic is a start.

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This is real. The agenda of depopulation, but why? Listen closely, they tell you.

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The things you need to be aware, residual or kids and seniors. Don't talk with strangers even on the phone! Learn, Teach and Protect your Kids!

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This has been seen before and now they are added to the New York Police Department.

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Can you see it? This video is hiding something. Can you see it now? why is it blurred out?

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⁣Oh look, the CIA admits they’re altering weather patterns through chemtrails.

It’s like every conspiracy theory is actually true.

Credits: Stew Peters

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⁣Three-dimensional holograms launched in Dubai

A new generation of holograms has been launched in Dubai, capable of creating not only simple three-dimensional images, but also reflections on skyscrapers!

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of grand control and manipulation of the population!

Source: The Rio Times

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How do you feel about this?

Source unknown

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⁣The hidden artworks painted on the edges of old books.

Most of them are hidden from the naked eye and can be viewed only if the pages are fanned.

This type of special, secret book paintings were even used in ancient times, but saw an increase in popularity during middle ages and especially from 17th to 19th century.

Credits: Awakened Species

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Enjoy your summer with these hot tropical beach summer music, chill, vibes, and beats.

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Watch how vibration flickers and puts out this candle's flame...

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CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is once again making headlines for their recent discoveries that could potentially change everything we know about the universe. But before we get to that, let's delve deeper into what makes CERN one of the most fascinating places on Earth.CERN or the European Organization for Nuclear Research is an intergovernmental organization consisting of 23 member states that is responsible for operating the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. The facility is based in a northwestern suburb of Geneva, on the France–Switzerland border. CERN is home to half of the world’s particle scientists and is currently operating the world's largest and highest-energy particle collider, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). More about this later on in the video. Welcome to Motech, On this Channel we share everything about Technology, Space and Artificial Intelligence. We help you explore cool advancements in Science and Innovation.Consider subscribing to get a sneak peek of our future world!
Subscribe - ⁣https://clikview.com/@maria

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Tom Renz testified in the Missouri Senate on House Bill 1169 on gene therapy legislation.

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There are many cases that are popping up of magnets sticking to meat.

I will tell you two things:

Meat isn't magnetic AND it has nothing to do with the package or the iron as the mainstream media wants you to believe.

I'm sure you don't need to think too hard to solve this irony.


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Time Stamps:0:00 - Intro0:50 - Pythagoras4:00 - Gematria4:50 - Present6:43 - Chart of Numbers7:04 - Synchronicities10:01 - Each Day has a Different Vibration10:43 - How to Calculate Your Life Path Number12:58 - Your Name is No Accident14:01 - Numerology Chart 15:57 - When Places Resonate With You17:05 - What do the Numbers Mean?


Credits: Be Inspired

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The Air Force is on record as saying they want to control the weather by 2025. The Massachusetts School of Law's Educational Forum presents part 2 of a Conference on Global Climate Change with Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, author, educator and environmental writer.
The Massachusetts School of Law at Andover also presents information on important current affairs to the general public in television and radio broadcasts, an intellectual journal, conferences, author appearances, blogs and books.

The Massachusetts School of Law also presents information on important current affairs to the general public in television and radio broadcasts, an intellectual journal, conferences, author appearances, blogs and books.

THE MASSACHUSETTS SCHOOL OF LAW IS NEW ENGLAND’S MOST AFFORDABLE AND DIVERSE LAW SCHOOL. We are dedicated to growing tomorrow’s leaders; empowering them with professional skills taught by instructors with real world experience, in a fun supportive campus environment.

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The Massachusetts School of Law is New England’s most affordable and diverse law school. We are dedicated to growing tomorrow’s leaders; empowering them with professional skills taught by instructors with real world experience, in a fun supportive campus environment. Your Future Starts Here. Learn More at http://MSLaw.EDU

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The History of Iran / US Relations: "American Imperialism - Stephen Kinzer on Overthrow Part 2: Vietnam, Iran and Chile"

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