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John Mirror
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⁣The Word of Truth cried without fear, God is pleased.⁣
May God bless you for bringing the Truth into the Light!
Thanks to Mel Gibson for this film and those who acted, to the agent behind this worldwide tragedy of child trafficking, for which God has delivered Messages without number, even after 1 billion lives we still can't figure out what God's Word means and its effects.
Please pray, pray, and again, pray! For all suffering souls but also for those who put into practice something that came from the depths of hell. Now, after they have been given a very very long time to turn from evil things and, they did not want to, the earth, nature, the universe and God Himself is coming for them, ⁣we may not know, all children are God's children, they were given to us just to raise them and take care of them, satan knows this and that's why he wants their souls because children are the Image of God.

John Mirror
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Klaus Schwab's Daughter 'Permanent Lockdowns Coming – Whether You Like It or Not

John Mirror
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⁣The world we live in, take note, and don't say you didn't know.
A guy who knows computers shows us about the stung (a sting, what could be more innocent ... the mark of the beast).
All his stung acquaintances found them all in a computer, with name, address, sting dates and, are constantly tracked with 5G.

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