John Mirror
John Mirror

John Mirror




How simple and inexpensive it is to be very good for all of us.

Let's be ready now, physically, mentally, emotionally, consciously and spiritually.

freelance volunteer

Simple - Efficient - Ecological - Bio - Cheap

Information and Free Practice

Cheap Eco and Bio Sources of Heat and Electricity
Reducing Auto, Household and Industrial Consumption
Reducing Auto, Household and Industrial Pollution
BioGas, Hydrogen and Magnetic Electricity
Automotive Reliability and Hydrogenation
PC Assembly, Repair and Optimisation

Breathing and Posture Correction
Hip and Spine Rehabilitation
Thoughts, Words and Deeds (health or trauma and disease)
Faith and Science - The Science of Believing ( conferences)
Prayer (also through music or poetry) as a comfort/therapy

Leave nothing for tomorrow!

I wish you Loving, Peace, Love, Prosperity, Health and Faith above all.

I am a small man in a big world,
I am a poem in progress,
in a world mostly unfulfilled,
darkened, deafened, blinded, lied to
and poor, greedy burning hungry
for a shred of solace,
a hug or,
a blessing.