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Prince Michael's ducklings return home for the summer when Michael notices Gabe is having a hard time. Michael learns more about what it takes to be a parent.

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Part 1 of the Duckling series:

Thanks to Creamistry in Downey and Straw Hat Pizza in Long Beach for letting us film at their locations!

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Talent: Lorenzo Anzoleaga, Emily Wilson, Cali, Jake, Michelle, Rhys, Donald, Aaron, Clark,

Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew
Music: Andrew & Jesse, @SamBeYourself
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Aaron, SoKrispy
Production: Michelle, Micah, Biani, Lorenzo, Monica, Rhys, Clark

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Looks like it was not only a learning curve for us, but for the bison as well. We used twice as many step in posts, added a strip of poly tape, and some hanging ornaments. The bison have learned that the fence is there and I even had trouble moving them to the next paddock when I took down part of the fence! Watch to see what we implemented and the effect it had on the paddock they were in.

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My first attempt to set up a rotational grazing paddock using temporary electric fencing. There is going to be a bit of a learning process here...

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The bison got a full round bale to play with, but it was carefully placed in an eroded ditch. In the process of using the bale as a neck scratcher, a heavy bag, and an afternoon snack, they are beating down the vertical edges of the ditch and breaking up the crust on the top of the soil. This provides the perfect surface for seeds to germinate and hold the soil in place. We are using the animals rather than machines to reshape the landscape and to keep our soil intact.

Dena Thorp
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I have never seen such a beautiful deer before. Keep a good eye out for this little guy when you are out in the snow.

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There are two major types of fungi that decompose woody plant matter: white rot amd brown rot fungi. In this video I describe the difference between the two as they are working together to break down a dead tree.

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Micah, our Aussie, normally is a total fetch addict and races up and down the hill without pause. But when there's snow on the ground, he loves rolling the ball downhill after catching it before he runs back for another go, LOL.

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Pager the 9-year-old monkey can play Pong with his mind (and the incentive of a banana smoothie reward)

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Joel Salatin, one of the people responsible for my inspiration and interest into regenerative agriculture. gives a short tour of operations on his farm.
He uses creativity and his observation of natural processes to guide his stewardship of animals on his farm. He has been able to reduce the need for expensive machinery, chemicals, and fuel by guiding animals to regenerate the landscape as they happily do what animals are meant to do! Joel is a smart man and everyone interested in regenerative agriculture should look and see all that he has to share.

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This is the maiden voyage of our hay bale unroller. I got the idea of this contraption from a brilliant farmer by the name of Greg Judy and we built one right here on the ranch. The unroller allows us to roll out hay bales for the bison using only a fourwheeler. This has several benefits. Unrolling a bale spreads the hay over a large area so all the bison can get to it at the same time without fighting. With the hay spread out, the bison manure and urine is spread over a large area. Some of the hay is trampled and left on the ground to feed soil biology and protect any bare soil. Lastly, we can get the bale moved and unrolled with just a fourwheeler, limiting our impact on the pasture.

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This is the story about Gerda the Cheetah, who is part of the Messi The Puma family.

The Alexander and Maria Dmitriev wanted to adopt a Cheetah, but this was not easy, they searched all over Russia, but could not find one, after awhile, anyone who was connected with big cats knew about the couples search for one.
Just when they ready to give up looking, the Sochi Zoo in Russia, approached the couple, looking to sell a healthy 7 year old female cheetah, which they could no longer afford to keep, but the price tag was above all expectations.

For 2 weeks they tormented over the decision, until Alexsandr decided to fly to the zoo to see the cheetah in person to help decide.

She turned out to be a very affectionate big cat, she allowed Aleksandr to do an examination of her, and during that time she purred and licked his hands, and he fell in love instantly.

After seeing her in person, that was it, from that moment on it was all about how can they raise the money.

The couple put up part of their property for sale and borrowed some money from a friend, but finally they had enough.

Soon after, Gerda arrived at her new home, and the cat immediately felt at home and the couple felt the same.

Gerda may have a fierce appearance of a wild animal, but just like Messi, is loved and has become part of the family.

Thanks for watching.

Here is Messi The Puma Story -

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Here's how a fun game turned into a visual example! One example of how you can train a cat to sharpen its claws where it needs to!

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⁣⁣⁣Nov. 12, 2022 - Today Gerda went out for her first walk since the surgery. You all know how much she loves to roll around in the grass, so we were worried she wouldn't damage her stitches. We didn't let her lie down today, just walked around. We have the results of blood tests and it's good, we are still waiting for the histology test, it is not ready yet.

Dena Thorp
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CBD Tincture can help your pet with pain and inflammation, anxiety, seizures, cancer pain, and more. I use this on 2 of my dogs, one is walking again. My 2nd little dog has bad teeth and can't have surgery. So using this CBD Tincture cuts her pain down. She's now happy and eating again. Give Rx CBD Tincture a try, and let your pet decide. Place your order today at

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Hi Loves! I put together this short video to share the reasons why I think cats are spiritual gurus! Enjoy these clips of my three cats Maui (white) Luna (black) & Gracie (grey)

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Harold White
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Cats Protect You and Your Home from Ghosts and Negative Spirits
November 15, 2016
by Conscious Reminder

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Hungry birds

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Bison on the move!

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Moments with Nala

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Livestock Lawnmowers eating roadside weeds

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Gabe Brown, author of "Dirt to Soil" explains the many benefits of rotational grazing.

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Woodpecker nesting in my house.

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This not-so-shy doe came by during breakfast this morning and found the rose bushes to her liking! The thorns make no difference, she just fully enjoys this delicacy! Yum.

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just some fun play in the tub time! 😹😹😹

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when the washer peaks your curiousity

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Join Herbalist, Naturopath, and Veterinarian Doc Jones in Learning How to Use Natural Herbal Remedies To Improve The Lives Of Your Animals.
If you wanna double support this content, consider a channel membership from a homegrown herbalist:

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ID: 3385873

On Sunday, May 31 2020, Michael Daus (55) was at Yellowstone National Park with his family.

While watching the bison graze, they noticed a young bear approach and attack one of the bison.

Michael began filming as the two beasts fought, with the bear ultimately winning.

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Late spring in the Rockies and these goats still have some of their thick winter coats on...and they are unconcerned about me filming them from my car.

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Half Siberian Kitten in action attacking my T-shirt.

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There was a time when I didn't allow the kitties on the dining room table or counters...Cider changed all that...she was a free spirit.

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