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Electroculture is the future of gardening and the solution to "world hunger". Learn more at

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truth about plannedemic

Monna Awnallah
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If you missed out on our Shavuot 2020 Event, Here is one of our most ELECTRIFYING Interviews of the night! Learn about the pandemic with our special guest, Dr. Rashid Buttar!









Monna Awnallah
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First Published: May 21, 2020
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🇺🇸 Biden bombed the Nord Stream?!

Dr. Rashid Buttar is the osteopathic physician and author best known for his views on Coronavirus and its management.

His first book, “The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away” became a Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER and has now been translated into multiple languages.

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For Your Info Channel
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Critically Thinking Episode 145 on May 25, 2023

For Your Info Channel
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Dr. Ardis further documents that we are being intentionally poisoned using venom peptides

Sharon Leonard
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(video credits: video of 'Charades' Movie)

John Hryn
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Trump and Son! Episode #8.

AgentQuack Animations
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⁣The Emotional damage meme Goes to Its Original Owner Steven He On Youtube And Also DOORS Belongs To LSPLASH On ROBLOX I don't Own the game. Anyway this has Been Agent Quack Animations. See ya!

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I didn’t want to go to Egypt. In fact, I was dead set against it. And then while doing ayahuasca with Matias De Stefano, he downloaded a prophecy. A brother of African descent and a brother of Hebrew descent needed to travel the initiatic path up the nile together. Well it just so happened that Mehcad (actor & musician) is of African descent and already had a boat trip booked on the Nile. And I am his brother of Hebrew descent. So I had to go... And we were nowhere near ready for what happened. What unfolded for both Mehcad and I  was absolutely astounding.
Thanks to the help of Matias we were able to discover and unlock latent spiritual technology within ourselves and within the temples and pyramids of Egypt that shifted the paradigm of what we believe to be possible in this existence. This is a wild and vulnerable trip report, and we offer it with the utmost gratitude to anyone who chooses to go on the journey with us.

00:00- Intro
2:40- Matias De Stefano & The Temple Of Kom Ombo
23:22- The Temple of Isis
29:30- The Temple of Horus
1:02:07- The Temple Of Karnak
1:09:02- The Temple of Hathor
1:38:11- The 'Osireion' Temple At Abydos
2:04:27-The Pyramids & The King's Chamber
2:32:50- the most powerful experience of my life
2:29:46- The Journey Home
2:40:25- All In For All Life & The Revolution Of Consciousness

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Fran Lauricello
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Find a UNIFYD Healing location near you at:

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In April of 1996, a very powerful technology called the “Energy Enhancement System” was invented by a woman named Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.

In May of 2022 - just about 27 years later - Jason Shurka, the founder of the UNIFYD World organization, was given an assignment to make this technology available, affordable and accessible to the masses.

Jason Shurka and Dr. Sandra Rose Michael met for the first time in May of 2022 to conduct an interview which yielded a response of over 70,000 emails from many people all around the world interested in being a part of bringing this technology to the masses. In response to such unprecedented demand, Jason Shurka developed an initiative called UNIFYD Healing with an intention of establishing wellness centers all around the world with this technology.

And so, the journey began...

A special thank you to all UNIFYD Healing center owners around the world for hearing the call to action and stepping up right away. Please support these people in honor of the support that they have given to humanity.

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I ask you all to share this documentary FAR & WIDE because that is how we change the world! Through AWARENESS. THE REVOLUTION is here and I am grateful to be a part of bringing it to the forefront alongside the gracious, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.
A special thank you to all UNIFYD TV members. Your consistent support of the platform is what makes public interviews like this possible!

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Fran Gourdet
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Only using 2 ingredients makes this another easy recipe to make.with good consistency – gluten free and made from scratch is healthier and tastier!

2 C of sprouted and cooked red lentils
1 1/2 C fine shredded coconut
3/4 C ground flaxseed
1 tsp salt

Fran Gourdet
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Here are two coconut milk recipes which are extremely easy to make. For people with food sensitivities, coconut milk is easier to digest.

Coconut Milk 1(from coconut powder)
4 Tbsp coconut powder
1 C warm water.
Blend it. Store the milk in the refrigerator (good for 3 days)

Coconut Milk 2(from dried coconut chips)
2 C coconut ribbons
Cover the coconut with 1 ½ C hot water

Blend. Strain if desired. Store the milk in the refrigerator (good for 3 days)

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Jill Gordon
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Do you experience any of these on a regular basis?

Cravings and Obsession: Frequent and intense cravings for specific types of food, often high in sugar, fat, or salt. Persistent thoughts and preoccupation with food, even when not hungry or full.

Loss of Control: Difficulty stopping or controlling the amount of food consumed, often leading to overeating or binge eating episodes. Feeling powerless to resist the urge to eat certain foods.

Emotional Eating: Turning to food as a coping mechanism to deal with stress, anxiety, boredom, loneliness, or other emotional triggers. Using food as a source of comfort or reward.

Eating in Secret: Consuming large quantities of food in private or hiding food to avoid judgment or scrutiny from others. Feeling ashamed or guilty about eating habits.

Withdrawal Symptoms: Experiencing physical or emotional discomfort when attempting to cut back or eliminate certain foods from the diet. These symptoms may include irritability, restlessness, mood swings, or increased cravings.

Continued Consumption Despite Negative Consequences: Persisting in compulsive eating behaviors despite experiencing adverse effects on physical health, weight gain, or negative impact on relationships, work, or social activities.

Failed Attempts to Control Eating: Repeatedly trying various diets or restrictive eating plans, but ultimately returning to old patterns of overeating or bingeing. Feeling trapped in a cycle of unsuccessful attempts to control food intake.

Tolerance and Need for Increased Intake: Developing a tolerance to certain types of food, requiring larger quantities to experience the same level of satisfaction or pleasure. Needing to eat more to achieve the desired effect.

Withdrawal from Social Activities: Avoiding social situations that involve food or making excuses to skip events where food is present to prevent overeating or losing control. Social withdrawal due to shame or embarrassment.

Emotional Distress and Guilt: Feeling guilt, shame, or self-disgust after episodes of overeating or bingeing. Engaging in self-destructive thoughts or negative self-talk related to food and body image.

Come with me on my journey as I talk about my experience with tips to break free from your own food addiction struggles.

Check out my full article here:

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Susanne Gebhardt
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This video is about the meaning behind the words "Be like the Bison" and why it means so much to me, and why I chose to create jewelry with these words engraved.
I first shared about these words in an earlier video that I made almost 2 years ago, I have linked it down below if you would like to watch it.

After I shared that video a lot of people found strength in those words just as I did. And then I got the idea to make myself a necklace with those words engraved, since they had helped me so much. And that's how the idea for these designs came, which I created together with my mother Anita and my husband Johan.

This specific video was first made for my webshop, since I wanted to have an explanation to these bison jewelry designs on the product page. But then I thought I wanted to publish it as a video on YouTube as well, since I think these motivational words deserve an own video.
I know there is plenty of people out there who also can find a lot of strength in these words.
And you don't need any jewelry at all to get the power from these words. Carrying them in your heart is way more powerful. The jewelry is just a bonus and something I wanted to create just to have as a beautiful accessory with a reminder of this message.
Our mindset can really change everything in our lives. It's beautiful how just a few words can be really transformative for how we confront life, if you choose to charge them with that power you have within you ♥

Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope the video can be a reminder that you are stronger than you think, and that you will get through any storm that comes your way ♥

And I will forever be grateful to Jesper Westmark ( @jesperwestmark on Instagram) for sharing these words with me on the meditation retreat April 2021.

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Sharon Leonard
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Rep Donalds speaks on the idiocy of the mainstream media warning people of how 'dangerous' florida is for African Americans...a complete joke, hmmm right after DeSantis announced he's running. Mainstream media is a DANGER, to our entire country. (Rep Donalds supports President Trump as he knows President Trump is the best man for the current state of our Nation). LINK: ⁣

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⁣Who is trying to control the weather? What are the chemicals and consequences of that?

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Remastered version of original : "Q - The Plan To Save The World. It will Red Pill the sleepers.

John Hryn
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⁣Dr. McCullough on NEWSMAX: SARS-CoV-2 Engineered in Wuhan Lab as Biological Threat

John Hryn
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⁣Dr. McCullough on Brannon Howse Live: Pandemic Truths, Fatal Myocarditis, Milk Exosomes

Dena Thorp
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Very interesting. It also shows Moderna's new commercial to get you to take more.

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the truth which is impossible to hide

Authentically Elvis
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“Fame and Fortune” was the fourth song that Elvis recorded during his first post army recording session at RCA’s Studio B in Nashville on 20 March 1960. The song is of the type that Elvis had become fond of during his time in Germany on National Service, and which he would return to time and time again throughout the remainder of his career.
Ballads like this, with a powerful narrative and a strong vocal line, always seemed to bring the best out of Elvis and would result in some of his greatest performances both in the studio and on stage.
Elvis recorded seven songs at that historic session, but this was the only song which did not result in a single satisfactory master being achieved. After fifteen takes, the decision was taken to create the RCA master using a splice of the last two takes. The song would then be released as the flip side to the worldwide hit “Stuck On You” and would be Elvis’ first post army single.
Just six days after recording the song, Elvis would perform it at The Fontainbleau Hotel in Florida during the taping of “The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis”. The “A” side of the single would also be performed during the show and the TV Special aired on 12 May 1960 at 9.30pm on ABC.

As with all of these videos, to get the most out of the audio, I highly recommend you use ear /headphones and turn the volume up as much as you dare!

Jim Garrigues
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⁣⁣Jason Shurka interviews an anonymous member of TLS he will call Ray.

Jim Garrigues
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⁣Jason Shurka interviews an anonymous member of TLS he will call Ray.

Authentically Elvis
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Elvis Presley sang Oh Happy Day during a 1970 rehearsal in Las Vegas.

Keith Driscoll
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I am not an evangalist. But I agree with these guys.... GET RIGHT WITH GOD. This isn't about church or your religion. This war we are in is about your PERSONAL relationship with God, our Creator. Live it, Embrace it, Feel it. Talk with your Creator everu day. Look in the mirror every night and smile before you go to bed. Wake up in the morning thanking God for another day to go at it again. I Love you God. I love you Jesus. Say it LOUD, say it PROUD !!

Maria's News
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⁣1933: 150,000 Jews gathered in Chicago for a “historical pageant” to simulate a child sacrifice to Moloch.

The event was called ”The Romance of a People”

It was organized by the Zionist Organization of America.

Israel was later founded by the Rothschild's and other powerful Zionists.

Woodrow Wilson sold America to the Zionist Bankers by creating the Federal Reserve Bank.

Woodrow Wilson was also one of the architects of the League Of Nations that later changed into the United Nations.

The United Nations is about to become a gigantic coffin.

Source: Shadow of Ezra

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