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David Morin
73 Views · 1 year ago

⁣David Morin Metabolic Maxout

David Morin
65 Views · 1 year ago

Pro physique competitor David Morin keeps you on your health and fitness grind.

David Morin
73 Views · 1 year ago

⁣David Morin Metabolic Maxout

David Morin
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If you’re a guy over 40, there’s a good chance you are losing muscle mass and function year after year - all due to something called age related sarcopenia.

After 40, each year older you get, your muscle mass is naturally eaten away.

And training with those old bodybuilding bro splits that used to work for you in your 20s simply aren’t going to cut it anymore - you need to adapt and respond as your body matures in order to continue making progress.

David Morin here from Blue Star Nutraceuticals and today I’m going to show you how you can fight back against time, and continue to build strength and retain more lean muscle mass by performing intelligent, age appropriate training that utilizes full body strength circuits.

Ready to reverse your fleeting muscle mass condition and rejuvenate the strength and lean muscle gains of your youth?

This is the Fit After 40 - Full Body Strength Circuit.

Let’s get to it!

For this workout, you’ll do 6 exercises in circuit fashion.

Perform 5-8 Reps of each exercise using 75% of your 1 Rep Max.

For example, if you can front squat 300lbs for a 1 Rep Max, you’ll use 225lbs for that exercise.

Perform all 6 exercises back-to-back with no rest between until you have completed all 6 exercises - that is one round.

You are allowed 2 minutes to rest and rehydrate with AminoFast™ between each round.

If you are a beginner, repeat the entire circuit for a total of 3 rounds.

For intermediate level, repeat for a total of 4 rounds.

And for advanced, repeat for a total of 5 rounds.

Push hard and aim to complete the workout in under 1 hour.

Exercise #1: Dumbbell Overhead Press
Setup, feet shoulder width apart - hold a pair of dumbbells at your shoulders, brace the core, squeeze the glutes and drive the dumbbells explosively overhead, then control slowly back down and repeat. Keep these strict and don’t bounce the weight up with your legs.

Exercise #2: (Weighted) Pull Ups
Strap some plates on a belt or tuck a dumbbell between your legs, jump up, retract the shoulders and think pulling with your elbows trying to tuck them in your back pockets to engage the lats - Remember to work your back, not your biceps. If you can’t do weighted pull-ups yet, use some bands to assist you until you're strong enough.

Exercise #3: Barbell Front Squat
You can perform the front squat with either a hook grip with your arms in line with your shoulders or a cross neck grip with your arms across your chest supporting the weight on your front delts. With the front squat, you have to maintain a more upright torso position in order to balance the weight and thus it’s more taxing on the core and quads than a traditional back squat. Just remember to still brace the core, keep the knees out and explode up from the bottom through the heels like a regular back squat.

Exercise #4: Plate Raised Deadlift (Rack Pull)
Set a pair of plates on the ground and load up a barbell on them. You can also perform this with the safeties in a squat rack set below knee height. From here brace the core, hinge at your hips, chest up, back straight, glutes, hamstrings, and lats engaged. Then pull the bar up, keeping as close to your shins as possible, drive your heels through the floor and lockout at the top, driving your hips forward until your body is perpendicular with the floor.

Exercise #5: Dumbbell Bench Press
Grab a pair of dumbbells, lie back on a flat bench, retract your shoulders, push the weights straight up explosively, stopping just short of lockout, then lower the weights slowly under control - remember, keep the chest up and constant tension on the pecs.

Exercise #6: Dumbbell Incline Bench Seal Row
Lie face down on a bench set to an incline of 45 degrees, row the weight up to your mid chest, pulling with your elbows and squeezing with your upper back, traps and rear delts at the top - then control back down.

And that’s a wrap! Congratulations on finishing the Fit After 40 - Full Body Strength Circuit!

Add this workout into your routine as a standalone workout 4 times per week for the next 8-12 weeks and you’ll be amazed at how your body begins to respond and grow in a whole new way.
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David Morin
58 Views · 1 year ago

David Morin has been a fitness cover model for more than a decade. An important part of his success is always being shoot-ready. In this video David gives you 3 tips for staying lean and shredded all year!

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