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David Morin
Is a German born American Fitness trainer, model, corporate wellness speaker & entrepreneur & father of

You will probably recognize David from
Is Ads on YouTube & Instagram “cardio makes you fat!”

David has appeared on more then 40 fitness magazine covers like Muscle & Fitness, FitnessRX, Men’s Health & Ironman magazine. For over 10 yrs & in 15 countries David has been featured over 100 times as a editorial contributor & instructional fitness model for print media. As well as hosted a number of successful fitness product infomercials.

David joined “A-list celebrity” REBEL WILSON for a six page editorial inside GLAMOUR MAGAZINE & can be found in advertisements on the internet, in print & billboards around the world representing his supplement partner BLUE STAR, Wake Up natural foods, ULTRAHUMAN app and more.

After David’s near death experience & 5 day coma for a pulmonary embolism caused by a heart tumor in 2015, David created the worlds first essential oils respiratory enhancement workout supplement, FLO2! Knowing that breathing techniques can increase telomerase the enzyme that increases telomere length, and that 80% of
Fat is excreted through respiration, David embarked on a respiration revolution.

David is an accredited strength & conditioning trainer & coach for 16 yrs. His clients include the U.S. special forces military to NBA stars like Allen Iverson. David’s skill set continues to evolve through various modalities rooted in movement, martial arts, Chi Kung, mediation, bio feedback, free weight hypertrophy training, HIIT and advanced bio hacking techniques. David shares his background on various impactful podcasts like “Ben Greenfield Fitness”, “Bodybuilding.com”, “Beyond the physique” and the “Primal Blueprint.”

David appears on “NETFLIX” & “AMAZON” as a star & co-producer in the documentary “The Perfect Physique” with the late GREG PLITT, of whom he was very close to. As well as working on director Micheal Bays Block buster film “Pain & Gain,” with the Rock & Mark Wahlberg.

As a father of 4 who’s active, David had to create a effective, efficient, at home training regime called “LynxFitness”. David is the founder & creator of the training you’ll find on lynxfitness.com.

As a Corporate Wellness speaker for Clients like Bank United & Post Holdings, David covers nutritional topics, practical guides to better health, DNA test specific nutrient selection & behavioral patter course correction towards higher productivity & health.

David is a fitness lifestyle influencer with his own fitness app on FITPLAN available on the App Store. He’s currently traveling the world doing instructional fitness training and seminars at resorts from Phuket Thailand to Tulum Mexico, sharing his energy, experience & his passionate journey of gratitude through fitness.

In 2013 David did his first ayahuasca ceremony that foretold his heart condition, he woke up from his coma on his birthday and till this day has a atrial myxoma in his heart reminding him death is ever present and life is the greatest gift, live with passion and purpose.

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