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9 Tips How to Get Rid of Parasites & Candida Naturally | Dr. J9 LiveIn this video Dr. Janine shares her 9 tips how to get rid of parasites and candida naturally. She talks about decreasing exposure to parasites and candida by avoiding things like sushi, undercooked meats, and sugar. She suggests ensuring you are relaxed while eating and eating outdoors as much as possible. She explains how supplements like digestive enzymes and probiotics, as always from a whole food source will no fillers or flow agents, can help the body expel and fight off parasites and candida. Dr. Janine also talks about herbal medicines that could help like black walnut, oregano and cloves to kill off the parasites and candida, and explains why a full body detox should also be done. She suggests incorporating a functional protein powder in the diet to help repair leaky gut syndrome. Lastly, Dr. Janine shares the mind body connection for how to get rid of parasites & candida naturally.Video Chapter00:00 – Intro00:38 – Most Common Parasites01:06 – Tip #1 Decrease Exposure02:16 – Tip #2 Eat in a Relaxed Setting & Eat Outside02:58 – Tip #3 Digestive Enzyme Supplement03:15 – Tip #4 Herbal Medicines06:34 – Tip #5 Take Fiber07:32 – Tip #6 Full Body Detox08:52 – Tip #7 Probiotics09:26 – Tip #8 Functional Protein Powder10:27 – Tip #9 Mind Body ConnectionDr. Janine’s Parasite ProtocolWeek 1 & 2 – Parasite Cleanse, Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme, Functional Protein PowderWeek 3 & 4 – Detox, Fiber, Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme, Functional Protein PowderWeek 5 & 6 – Parasite Cleanse, Detox, Fiber, Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme, Functional Protein PowderWeek 7-10 – Detox, Fiber, Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme, Functional Protein PowderLinks to supplements mentioned in this videoDigestive Enzyme – Vitatree Enzyme Blend

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Do it Yourself Garden

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Grow tomato by unique way

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How to grow grapes from seeds,growing grapes from seeds,how to grow grape plant from seeds at home,how to grow grapes vine from seeds,how to grow grapes,how to grow grapes tree from seeds,grapes,growing grapes,how to grow grapes plant from seeds,how to grow grape plants from seeds,growing grape vines from seeds,growing grape tree from grape fruit,how to grow grape from seed,growing grape from seed,how to plant grape seeds,growing grape tree

DIY Garden

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Try growing lemon tree from cutting very fast - with water.

Looking to grow a lemon tree from cuttings but don't know where to start? In this video, we'll show you how to grow a lemon tree from cuttings using edible cactus!Cutting a lemon tree from a young shoot is a great way to start growing lemon trees. With this method, you can get a lemon tree growing fast, with little effort! We'll show you how to do it step-by-step, and it should only take a few weeks to get a lemon tree growing from cuttings!Thanks for watching.

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This is absolutely amazing technique that will help you grow a lemon tree! How brilliant!

Thank you DIY Garden!

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👉This is amazing! Looks so simple!

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Crisis control for Pfizer, they are deactivating comments on TicTok. What does that tell you?

Way to go Veritas!


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🔴 THE FINAL WAR is a documentary that uncovers the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year plot to defeat America.👉👉

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In China, cremation services have been running 24/7 and estimates suggest that funeral homes may have burned 6 million bodies last month. This is a far cry from the regime's own reporting of only 60,000 deaths since the pandemic started. We expose the Chinese regime's cover-up and the reality of the pandemic in China.

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Many don't know the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. This helps know the difference.

Thank you Jean Nolan!

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A new study reveals a 3rd dose of the Pfizer and Moderna #covid19 #vaccines may worsen immune response.

Source: NTD

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in 1895 , the fossil of a giant was found by Dyer in Ireland during mineral research . The height of the giant photographed in front of a train car is 3 meters 70 centimeters, his weight is 2050 kilograms. It is believed that the weight of the giant fossil , which has 6 fingers on its right foot, is due to the fact that it is petrified . INTERESTING INFORMATION !

#giant #interestinginformation #shorts

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Learn more by watching this video.

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2023 predictions by Jean Nolan.


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Watch Ameca when asked if she believes in God. I can see this going in the wrong direction. How about you?

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This is available by clicking on this link ⁣https://advancedmedicine.marke....t/product/2022-05-02

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