Riley Jackson
Riley Jackson

Riley Jackson



Program Director at Blaxit Radio, author of Costa Rica Chillin, and Crowd World micropreneur.

Over the years, I've been involved in many jobs and business opportunities after relocating to beautiful Costa Rica in 2019. I created a blog called Costa Rica Chillin with my wife, Tezzy, while enjoying the Pura Vida lifestyle. You can now find Costa Rica Chillin on Amazon in eBook and paperback format.

In June of 2021, during Covid 19, some other expats and I founded Blaxit Radio to serve the blaxit community worldwide with the best music and talk.

I joined Crowd World in 2022 and am offering three products on the Crowd Point Blockchain Exchange Ecosystem, one of which is Blaxit Radio on the Interactive Exchange. A small donation can make a huge difference!

Gender: Male

Country: Costa Rica