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Over the years, I've been involved in many different jobs and business opportunities. My passion has always been radio broadcasting, and it remains to this day. I was also a territory sales representative for twelve years and worked for three major flooring distribution firms in Southern California. While still working in the flooring industry, in 2006, I created eMarketing Consultants Group to explore Website Design and marketing. However, I did find myself back in the flooring industry before retiring and relocating to beautiful Costa Rica in 2019. Shortly after relocating to Costa Rica, I created a blog called Costa Rica Chillin with my wife, Tezzy, while enjoying the Pura Vida lifestyle.

As mentioned, my passion has always been in radio. So, along with a few other expats here in Costa Rica in June 2021, we created Blaxit Radio. This internet radio station has DJ/Hosts broadcasting from Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Tanzania, Canada, Denver, and Detroit and attracting an international audience.

I am now taking on the most significant and most challenging endeavor of my life. First, I joined TAP, an international group of like-minded people changing the world and making a difference. Then, I was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of CrowdPoint Technologies, powered by the Blockchain Ecosystem.

At CrowdPoint Technologies, I am a Micropreneur, and my goal is to bring a positive change to the world through the CrowdPoint Exchanges. The Advanced Medicine Exchange, which I am a part of, helps enhance your health with natural and vetted products. So, I encourage you to join The Advanced Medicine Exchange to protect your most precious asset today, namely your health.

The other Exchange is The Cyber Privacy Exchange, the catalyst provider bringing an enterprise-level of privacy, performance, and protection to the masses. Our in-depth and holistic approach to cybersecurity protects your privacy in the digital domain and physical world. VRAI Technologies mitigates vulnerabilities before an attacker can gain access. This award-winning software suite Privatizes your Personal Data, Protects your Devices and Networks while Optimizing computer Speed and Performance.

I Am Your Trusted Agent in An Untrusted World.

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