'Do No Harm' vs 'Hospital Protocol'

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The events surrounding Covid have had an enormous impact on the world's health; physical health, mental health and emotional health. Once the 'gain of function' virus was unleashed upon the world, in time we learned the various effects were so much more than devastating. Some began researching to find anecdotes or ways to help humanity, and unfortunately had to dig very deep to discern the truth. Dictatorial and aggressive actions began happening all too quickly. Things were being said and protocols advised that didn't add up. Many illogical demands were placed upon the people of the world. Now people were not only dealing with death of loved ones, but also directives from dictators who seemed to come out of the woodwork - everywhere from the government to the sensationalized media, to school boards, mad scientists, and big corporations. They all had plans for us... Somehow this new 'gain of function' virus became highly politicized. All of the sudden people, with emotions running high, were arguing over why they did or did not wear a mask or stay at home. Masks have been proven ineffective, proven back in the middle of the chaos, but the 'Stanford Mask Review' was buried and kept out of the media. Despite the truth being available to all of us, big corporations and airlines doubled down on nonsensical rules that were enforced by personnel. Stores (the few big corps. allowed to stay open) would demand that people wear the mask "inside the dressing room." Flight attendants sternly threatened with "losing your ticket and seat on your flight" unless you followed non-scientific baseless rules that would make you feel better. Somehow we were all told to do things that were somewhat believable to a lay person, but did not add up to a large number of scientists and doctors who diligently questioned the science...those doctors who refused to quietly take their bonuses and comply. Once they started speaking up, some of us tuned in...Why so many doctors from different parts of the world? Why go to all of that trouble? Why? Before long, maybe a year into it, the government, as in politicians, decided to accuse highly qualified doctors as spreading 'mis information'. They hailed any media outlet that would support and repeat this notion. No questions were asked of the experts, suddenly 'Nobel peace prize' doctors and more were dying, other doctors were publicly ridiculed for saying anything at all that did not fit into the government's narrative. The reason given: 'For the 'greater good'- this is something Hitler used as an excuse for the massacre of millions. 'Hospital Protocol' under insurance owned hospitals were refusing patients life saving medications, and even further, were prescribing disastrous and deadly protocols such as forcing the drug Remdesivir on patients. People would end up with organ failure and die. Many years ago this drug was advised by Fauci himself as a drug NOT to be used in similar situations in the 80's. Yet now for Fauci and Big Pharma it was the 'go to' drug in 2021 and when combined with a ventilator proved to be deadly. Why Remdesivir? Many good doctors who had read the research and studies on this drug were warning hospitals not to do what they were doing.- Big Tech silenced their voices. 

Now we are left with the carnage of the pandemic. The plandemic that was discussed by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and the WEF long before 2020. The patents for the vaccines were created long before the plandemic as well. Too many deaths from the vaccines have been reported, many doctors say there are millions more of vaccine deaths that have not been reported. Oh but it is 'Hospital Protocol' to give the vaccine to all workers and most patients. Just as it was 'Hospital Protocol' not to allow for herd immunity, a proven scientific method for mitigating viruses. It was 'Hospital Protocol' that fined and would ultimately terminate any doctor prescribing Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine; two drugs now proven to be highly effective in treating Covid (that false 'heart study' on Hydroxychloroquine was redacted--very quietly). It was 'Hospital Protocol' not to let loved ones see their dying relatives or visit Grandma in the nursing home. 'Hospital Protocol' to use ventilators too quickly but not allow for effective medication.- Even when the family doctor would argue with hospital administrators, trying to get their patients the care and medication they so desperately needed but were denied...Hospitals were awarded tens of thousands of dollars for the use of ventilators. They were given bonus money for each vaccine administered. Hospitals were also awarded money for deaths that were classified as 'Covid deaths' on death certificates.

According to the WEF, WHO and CDC, there will be another plandemic. Doctors are unfairly placed in a very difficult position when all they ever really wanted to do was help their fellowman. Doctors are not necessarily aggressive, nor do many of them care for the political arena. Every doctor must ask themselves, those of you who care about patients and upholding your Hippocratic Oath, which will you choose...  'Do No Harm' or 'Hospital Protocol' ?

Link to interviews of many injured by vax and or 'hospital protocol' https://clikview.com/v/ZWLQzf?ref=17626732936447379a21ca30.55832003

*** See below, brave doctors on video who have spoken the truth to millions:





















***For hundreds of videos of brave doctors you can visit 'My Playlist' - click 'Best Doctor Interviews & Research' here: https://clikview.com/@SharonLeonard

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