A Post Mother's Day Message From "The Age of Autism"

We are not machines. We are flesh and blood mothers. And none of us is Mother Teresa.

05/13/2024 - Kim from Age of Autism
Source Article - We Are Not Machines - AGE OF AUTISM

We Are Not Machines

IMG_2664Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the USA. Society likes to claim that motherhood is sacred. And autism motherhood gets elevated to the point of beatification. Sainthood. We are not machines who can endure anything and everything that life PLUS autism launches at us. This well-intentioned compliment, “Strongest women I know,” sets us up for isolated, sadness, guilt-ridden moments. And sometimes much worse. 

Most of us ARE incredibly strong and dedicated to our children, long after the nest should have been emptied. We never get a real break. We worry at every turn. We run at varying speeds on a treadmill with no emergency cut off button. We cope. Please let’s keep in mind that some small number do not cope. If you know an autism Mom who is struggling, maybe hiding her diminished arsenal of defenses, try to help her.  We must acknowledge that this journey gets tougher and scarier as we grow older along with our children, most of whom will need some level of loving care long after we are gone. 

Some days we crush life, other days we feel crushed. For most of us, and I can assure you that for me, the good days far outnumber the bad. But our normal would blow other folks’ minds. 

We are not machines. We are flesh and blood mothers. And none of us is Mother Teresa.


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