CCP Opens Police Department in the US: Free Viewing to the Epoch Times Documentary (see below)

"CCP Opens Police Department in the US; COVID-19 Vaccine Autopsy Reports Hidden From Public"
by JOSHUA PHILIPP of the Epoch Times
"The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is opening police de..

CCP actually has opened a police department in New York...You may be wondering how and why is this even possible?The CCP police department says it is for "protection against fraud". While this sounds harmless enough, their definition of "fraud" under communistic rule is different than one would think. Anything that does not fall in line with the regime's communism may be labeled "fraud". It is not only appalling but downright scary. Why are they allowed to use US soil to harass chinese citizens who have fled to America? It gets worse, the CCP Police Department is co-opting the help of the United Nations. See how this is unfolding by watching the documentary link below, courtesy of Joshua Phillip from the Epoch Times.





2 years ago
I listened to this report on E.T. and it's mind-boggling that this is allowed to happen!!! Thanks for posting -- people need to know about this -- and they need to subscribe to Epoch Times!
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Dena Thorp

2 years ago
Alex Jones said this many many years ago this would happen.
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