CDC Used Journal to Promote Masks Despite ‘Unreliable’ and ‘Unsupported Data’: New Analysis

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Sharon Leonard
CDC, FDA, Big Pharma...and the Covid fiasco. These alphabet agencies have become quite cozy, while becoming removed from the best interests of 'the peoples' health.

CDC seems to push the narrative that best suits Big Pharma's lucrative industry. Everyone gets paid but no one gets healthy. While some research is pushed forward without following proper guidelines intended to protect the public; other research is buried and delayed that could save lives. The ability to publish 'peer-reviewed' papers simply to fit a specific narrative is something one would have never guessed possible, but it has happened. James Lindsay helped prove this: He and his cohort published false information in well-respected journals in the 'Humanities' as an experiment. There are flaws in the system. See his interview with Dr Jordan B. Peterson here:

One example of a false narrative pushed by the CDC onto the public: The CDC used their authority and mandated everyone to get vaccinated and "do not use Ivermectin nor hydroxychloroquine for Covid" based on faulty information. This directive was backed by the mainstream media and published by Big Tech all over the internet. This happened to make Big Pharma's vaccine industry billions. Many lives were lost that should have been saved. These antics are very dangerous. When it comes to publishing 'peer reviewed' studies in medical journals, which are heavily relied upon by good doctors, there is no room for compromise. Yet this is where we are at today. Heavily compromised alphabet agencies with billions of dollars invested in 'narratives'. Agendas that meet the 'narrative' - whether using impartial, truthful data to prove efficacy or not, are pushed for publication while other data and research is buried. *This article by Megan Redshaw, J.D. of the Epoch Times, highlights exactly what happened with the masks in one particular case involving the CDC. It's hard to believe this is happening:

It will be up to 'the people' to become their own health advocates until the current chaos from the Covid fiasco is sorted out. Keep in mind, if this can happen with drugs and vaccines within the Covid narrative...what else has happened with money-making drug narratives in the past. What else have we been told and 'sold' - that came from the CDC or FDA that was compromised -with billions involved? Stay vigilant -and those doctors who are not part of the mainstream, conventional, ('billion dollar') way of thinking, may be the ones you want to ask for medical advice.   For more information on Ivermectin and on medical 'coverups' go to: 

For more information from doctors who are working hard to stop corruption in the system; look at "Best Dr Interviews & Research" under 'My Playlist'  here:  

* Megan Redshaw, J.D. contributes to the Epoch Times, a highly acclaimed and trustworthy news source, in a world that is becoming more and more difficult to find truth in news, look to the Epoch Times for verified truths and integrity.

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Great info Sharon, Thanks!
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