Decentralized Cloud will Solve Mass Censorship.

A decentralized cloud is King to a controlled (centralized) cloud! The People are in Control when it's Decentralized data!

My favorite superhero is Leonidas of Sparta.  If Leonidas had a data lake powered by a decentralized cloud that created collective intelligence, he could have used it to defeat Xerxes.  

However, I was always trained to get left to Bang!  Be sure to get ahead of your Enemy before Bang.  In other words, avoid the conflict altogether and win by outmaneuvering the threat.

Vogon would have made Leonidas more efficient in ruling Sparta so he could have discovered Xerces bribing senators sooner, potentially avoiding the fight entirely or, at the very least, having his entire army with him.  

I love Leonidas because he was the wise and powerful ruler of Sparta. Still, before the Persian Invasion, he needed help keeping up with all the decisions and strategies that needed to be made to govern his people effectively.  His advisors needed more resources and information, and influential senators and their agendas often drowned out their voices. 

Imagine that on one fine Greek day, Leonidas was approached by a group of tech-savvy advisors who introduced him to a new concept, a data lake powered by a decentralized cloud.  This data lake would create a collective intelligence allowing Leonidas to access and analyze vast amounts of data from various sources.  A decentralized cloud would ensure the data was secure and anonymized and that no one person could control it.  

Leonidas would have been very impressed by this new concept, and he would have quickly begun to implement it in the ruling of Sparta.

He would be able to access data from all levels of his government, from the senators to the citizens, and he would have been able to make decisions based on real-time information. He would have also been able to use the data lake to monitor the activities of the senators and detect any potential signs of bribery and corruption.  

Within a few months of implementing the data lake, Leonidas would have discovered that Xerces was bribing senators to influence their decisions.  Leonidas could take action against the senators and prevent Xerces from further influencing the government.

The data lake powered by a decentralized cloud had proven to be a great asset to Leonidas, allowing him to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.  He could stay one step ahead of his enemies, and the people of Sparta could rest easy knowing their ruler had the information he needed to make wise decisions. 

Written by Sean Brehm.




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