Duality in Life

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Dennis Binns
Pondering moments of the duality we face in a 3D world.

For ever action there must be an equal and opposite reaction in life. For everything in life there is an opposite, such as dark and light, up and down, inside and outside, matter and anti-matter, and so on. In every aspect of life there will always be an opposite reaction.

If we are to fight and defeat darkness, we must bring light into the equation. For if light emanates love, and dark emanates hate, then we also know that love is positive and dark is negative from an emotional standpoint. We also know that love conquers all, so becoming more positive will eventually weaken the negative. Dark powers can be defeated by the light of love and through illumination. Positive thoughts and living will help in promoting change that will overcome the darkness.

Compassion and random acts of kindness moves us in a more positive direction. So, in conclusion, no matter how bleak things seem to be, there is always a way to bring light into the darkness, and an even greater direction toward a more peaceful and loving future.


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