El Paso bracing for influx of illegals once Title 42 ends: “we are expecting the worst”

Will America survive the end of Title 42, or will it become just another third-world country?

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The Texas border city of El Paso is bracing for impact as we are now just hours away from the ending of Title 42.

The “pandemic”-era rule that allowed Border Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) additional tools to keep the border under control during covid is coming to an end. And tens of thousands, if not millions, of illegal invaders are ready and waiting to flood the country with haste.

During an appearance on MSNBC‘s “José Díaz-Balar,” John Martin, director of the Opportunity Center for the Homeless in El Paso, explained that what is currently happening there – and what is about to happen – is “a humanitarian crisis” that needs to be taken seriously.

“We’ve never seen the situation as critical” as it is now, Martin stated plainly on the left-leaning cable news network. “We’re overwhelmed,” he further said, adding that he and his colleagues are “expecting the worst” once Title 42 comes to an end.

“Well, the reality is that we’re overwhelmed,” Martin said about what things are like on the ground.

“We’ve got several partners within the community. All of the emergency shelters are operating at or over capacity, and to give you an example of our situation with the Opportunity Center for the Homeless, we’ve got 200 inside the shelter, and we’ve had up to 810 outside the shelter camped in the alley. So, it truly is a humanitarian crisis.”

(Related: It is expected that nearly 100,000 illegals will rush America’s border in the 10 days following Title 42’s expiration.)

Will America survive the end of Title 42, or will it become just another third-world country?

The situation really started to escalate a couple weeks back when an influx of invaders, in preparation for Title 42’s expiration, planted themselves at the border and have ever since been lying in wait for the opportunity to rush into the United States illegally.

“And it is prior to the lifting of Title 42,” Martin clarified about how things are already bad in the area, and are only about to get worse.

“We are hearing numbers anywhere from 500 to 1,000 to 1,500, and it just depends upon the source that you’re talking to,” he further explained about the number of invaders the area is expecting.

“The difficulty that we have is that we’ve got a mix of individuals and / or families as it relates to the processing, some of which that have gone through it, many of which that have not, and they’ve been relying on either the CBP One app or they’ve been trying to file their applications online. But most recently, we found that you’re not able to travel if you go through the online process or also what’s referred to as the pro se. So again, that means they’re staying in El Paso.”

Things were bad in 2022, as we all know, but Martin says things are getting a whole lot worse – and are about to get even worse, possibly beyond what the country has ever had to sustain in terms of the sheer volume of invaders now trying to get into the country illegally.

In the comments, several people noted that this is not as much a “humanitarian crisis” as it is a “lack of leadership” crisis. Had Donald Trump been rightfully installed as president for a second term, none of this would even be happening, one person suggested.

“Stand by because it’s going to get monumentally worse,” responded someone else. “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

America is quickly becoming a third-world country due to unmitigated illegal immigration, government corruption, financial manipulation, and more. To keep up with the latest, visit InvasionUSA.news.

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