Electric car - the biggest scam the world has ever seen?

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If you live in an area where you can expect a major snowstorm every winter, have you thought about how help could get to you if you were stuck in a traffic jam with other EV's with no power, or even worse - need an ambulance? After the storm, there would be no charging stations on the highway and it would take days to tow away a highway full of cars.

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Has anyone ever thought about this?

'If all cars were electric...

And if we were stuck in a three hour traffic jam in the cold of a snowstorm, our batteries would be completely dead.

Because electric cars basically don't have heating.

And the fact that I was stuck all night on the street without battery, heating, wipes, radio, GPS, battery died a long time ago.

You can try to call emergency services and protect women and children, but they cannot come to help because every road is closed and probably every police car will be electric.

And when the roads are blocked by thousands of cars, no one will be able to move forward. How do you charge batteries on the spot?

Traffic jams are the same problem even during holidays.

It would not be possible to turn on the air conditioning in an electric car for a short time. Your batteries would be dead in no time!

Of course no politician or journalist is talking about this, but it will happen.

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Martina Schmidt von der Lieth
I am an electric car owner and I do agree with this article. In the very cold weather, the battery does not last as long, even less if you have to use the heat to keep warm!
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