Free Will - What does it mean? Which Path Do You Choose?

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Examining FREE WILL: In today's world it matters very much, every minute, every thought. It always did...

The difference between wild animals and the human race is that humans are given Free Will to make decisions from knowledge learned, and we are able to act freely, in a willful manner based on that knowledge. To exercise Free Will is what our Creator asks us to do. Notably, when exercising our own Free Will we must not infringe upon another's Free Will, hence, the quote "Do unto others..." from the bible. When someone does infringe upon the Free Will of others to live peacefully, one would hope the rule of law would step in, not the case in the recent aftermath of death and destructions from 'angry' mobs in the inner cities. With all of the chaos happening in our current world, now is the time to examine our Free Will,  the only God given gift setting us apart from the beasts. So, with this great gift comes great responsibility. Responsibility to gain knowledge, to contemplate and to act. Are we exercising our free will? Choosing no action in the face of evil is a choice. Be it courageous or cowardice, a choice is made. We use Free Will every day whether cognizant of it or not. What we choose to put into our body, what we choose to teach our children, if we choose to speak or remain silent, choosing to take action or look the other way. To work hard or hardly work towards anything. We all have instincts, impulses, and intuition, do we follow these, do we follow the crowd, do we exercise our Free Will? Intuition is something God gives us to aid our Free Will in making decisions. Our Free Will defines exactly who we have chosen to be. This becomes the heart of the matter. Free Will is being called upon now more than usual because of the many evils cropping up in social media, mainstream media, and unlawful practices being perpetrated not only in the US but throughout the world. In examining the current situation with Covid and Big Pharma and all of the conflicting stories we've all heard, harsh lessons are being learned. People have lost loved ones. Sadly many travesties are happening worldwide and simultaneously. This was deliberate, the more conflicting stories, the more fear, the closer to evil we become. The calm, peaceful strength, and a feeling of integrity, comes when we know we've made decisions using our own Free Will for good, to its fullest potential. Once Dr Jordan B Peterson, a world  renown Psychologist, said that often when people speak they use their words to get something they want rather than truly communicating. How we choose to communicate and to act right now with truth, will determine the future of our world for generations to come. We have an enormous responsibility in the current times, media is no longer communicating, but relaying a scripted narrative. It's now up to us to search and to act upon findings of truth. It is time to use our Free Will to make choices that will have significant impacts on others, ourselves, and our sovereignty as a people. Should anyone or anything try to take away our sovereignty or Free Will, it will ultimately be our own Free Will that guides us to choose to comply or not. Free will must be used wisely and should be cherished as it is from God. If Free Will is placed at the forefront of our thoughts, then we'll know we had a say in the matter at hand. One example of Free Will jumped out at me when reading an article and watching  a video. It is something that has taken place recently. I'm hearing many of these similar stories cropping up under every stone (sometimes boulder) overturned. The truth is there -when we slow down and start looking for it. Sometimes it is shocking. It is our Free Will that guides us to move forward with intuition, truths, and often knowledge shared from those who deem their own Free Will from God more important than a crooked system.

Finally, here's one example of the Free Will apparent in the article, of two doctors, Dr Paul Marik and Dr Joseph Mercola, amongst many good doctors who have sacrificed their own lives to help others and 'do no harm'. Many doctors have saved millions of lives at their own peril  -because of criminal acts surrounding Covid. This one example of Free Will opens our eyes to what actually goes on in the world of Medicine, Big Pharma, and Hospital Protocol. *The only Silver Lining of Covid happens to be a very thick and impactful one: It has brought Free Will to the forefront in medicine, government, false narratives, freedoms, freedoms crushed in the wake of lies, crimes...Protection of our children, of our elderly, of one another, and so much more...Our own Free Will is imbedded in this Silver Lining -and we all know how extremely valuable silver has been in times of struggle throughout history.

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