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Gab News ran this article after PayPal's announcement.

GabPay: The Paypal Alternative

In October of 2018 Gab was banned from Paypal. The email we received from PayPal said that the company had made the decision as part of its “right to terminate your account for any reason and at any time upon notice to you.” Just like that a major source of our revenue was cut off from our business. From that moment forward we decided that we would never allow something like this to happen again. Not to Gab and not to anyone else who shares our values. We were going to build our own.

An alternative to Paypal has never been more important now that the ADL will be combing through your financial transactions and ruining people’s lives for financially supporting people and organizations they don’t like. This week Paypal caught tremendous backlash after it was announced that their new terms of service had a clause that would fine users $2500 for “misinformation.” Paypal later claimed that this was a “mistake” and changed course. 

We don’t believe them, and neither should you. 

Meet GabPay
The Paypal Alternative 

What is the GabPay App?

The new GabPay App is a Person to Person payment network. The new app allows users to instantly transfer money from nearly any bank account in the United States to anyone or any business with a cell phone or email

How Does It Work?

The app is simple in nature. Transfer funds from a bank account, hold a balance, send and spend with any other user, receive instantly, or cash the amount you have out to nearly any financial institution in the USA. Yes, we said instant. All transactions on the app are instant* and final, with no chargebacks!

What Does It Cost?

We know money is important to you, and we have our eye on the ball. We add a small fee of 1.9% plus $0.15 when you transact. You help support the network and the new Parallel Economy. You can pay, choose to have the other party pay, or split it.

Can I Send Money To Someone Who Does Not Use GabPay?

Yes! When sending, enter their email or mobile number. The receiver will get an email or text letting them know they have money waiting. Your receiver will accept the terms and receive the money in their new, free user account. They can withdraw the funds to almost any bank in the United States or use them to send to others.

Is GabPay Secure? 

Yes. We use a Level-4, Military-Grade-Encrypted Web Application Firewall. We use the same company that the UK Government and other governments, banks, and major processors use globally. We do regular 3rd-party PEN (penetration) tests.

Do You Offer Merchant Processing For Businesses? 

Yes! GabPay provides you with the Peace of Mind that only comes from doing business with a friend who always has your best interest in mind. We provide you with a Dedicated Merchant Account with a bank that supports gab and real representatives that care about our cause. Do we integrate? We currently only accept applicants in the United States. Please check back soon for the EU and UK.




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