The Cloud That Will Change the World

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New technology-Vogon decentralized cloud.

Our Vogon decentralized cloud is a new technology that allows users to store their data without having to rely on a third party. The platform is decentralized because it is not controlled by any one entity, and it is cloud-based because it allows users to store their data online.

Vogon uses a #polyglot technology that is embedded in every block that uses what we call a Towel.  A NexGen microservice.

The benefit of having a polyglot module in Vogon is that Polyglot technology is that our cloud can communicate with multiple languages. This is a good thing because it would allow for different applications to be run on the same platform without having to be modified.

A decentralized database leveraging its own microservice makes the underlying system and data store and the need to talk with decentralized applications easier to scale.

Our Vogon decentralized cloud contains blocks that store data as a JSON and perform better than a relational database.

Vogon allows for faster transactions and more secure data storage. Additionally, it reduces the need for third-party verification processes, which could lead to increased efficiency and cost savings for businesses.

Vogon is the technology that is best for building a decentralized cloud because it allows developers to create a platform that is more efficient and secure than traditional clouds.

There are a number of benefits to using a decentralized cloud. These benefits include:
1. Increased security. A decentralized cloud eliminates the need for a single point of failure, which increases the security of the system.
2. Reduced costs. A decentralized cloud eliminates the need for third-party providers, which reduces costs.
3. Increased flexibility. A decentralized cloud allows for greater flexibility in terms of how data is stored and accessed.
4. Increased privacy. A decentralized cloud eliminates the need for a central authority, which increases privacy.

Sean Brehm, the Executive Chairman and the CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies, is the author of the article.

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