The Future Of Digital Asset Landscape

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In the words of CEO Sean Brehm of CrowdPoint

"What are you seeing in our Company is a clear path using decentralization to promote Financial Inclusion.

We have taken the human identity and spread across a massive decentralized cloud.

We have taken markets and spread them across a massive decentralized database to protect the business owner , reseller and customer and allow the consumer to use a secure identity and payment method that travels with them and reimburses them.

We have taken capital and decentralized it so that it can be shared between people for instant settlement and better banking

We have taken finance of companies and decentralized each company and earnings so that it provides open honest stable markets

We have decentralized everything to ensure that a tyranny of the few can not control the financial inclusion of the many.

We have created a vertical assembly technology that organizes all that decentralized data into a recession proof ecosystem that harnesses the collective intelligence of its members to ensure financial inclusion.

Other cloud providers who are centralized charge, you anywhere from 60 to 84 cents an hour for transactions on their cloud.

We charge you a crwdunit for the transaction.  Getting a crwdunit before the massive adoption of the decentralized cloud could be a good thing.  You decide."

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