The Virus Much Deadlier Than Covid? --Big Tech Surveillance and Censorship.

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Sharon Leonard
The CDC Bought Phone Data From Big Tech to Monitor Americans; That's YOU If You Live In the US.

This article from the Epoch Times that I'm sharing here below, is more than disturbing. It is a wake up call for all of us. When we look at how the 'information age' has traveled faster than the speed of light when compared to any other age in history, we can see how the internet and now 'digital age' has become so dangerous to the American people. When something of this caliber moves this fast there is always a danger of it falling into the wrong hands. This is what has happened since the don of the information age. Narcissistic type actors are at the top of many of the 'Big Tech' corporations and are using it quite often for nefarious acts rather than for the good of the people. Some self appointed world leaders have gained much of their power and influence through the use of Big Tech algorithms, selling a narrative to people disguised as being altruistic or doing something in the name of helping the world. In actuality, when researching each subject, we find money and power, not altruism, as the driving force behind the worldwide agenda. Lots of money and power. Sadly, enough to make some very bad people willing to kill for it. Now more than ever it imperative that we start asking questions and stop blindly complying, before it is too late. What 'the people' will decide about how to use 'free will' each and every day, is going to make or break America. It matters a lot. And as Roman Balmakov would say "FACTS MATTER"... look up Roman, he verifies everything very carefully before publishing for the 'Epoch Times'. It is not too late to start doing our own research. Many have died at the hands of Big Tech censorship over Covid, this is very sad. However, there is still time to hold onto our freedoms and stop these criminal acts. The latest information on the CDC is not only disturbing, it is a huge red flag (pun intended) to Americans. Unless we take a stand now for freedom, it may be lost to us for a very long time, and more lives will be lost as well.  Here is the article from the Epoch Times written by Zachary Stieber:   -You will gain knowledge that will help you to stay vigilant and aware of what lies ahead. If you choose to ignore the red flags and signs which are leading you to decide how you want to use your God-given free will, it will be extremely consequential. 

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Xileen 8 days ago
The culling of our personal data has been going on for almost as long as the internet has existed.

More than a decade ago, I read that "they" could tell where pockets of people suffering from flu symptoms were located, by the number of searches done in that area for cold remedies. At that time, I foolishly thought that was a good idea because it could alert a local hospital of possible incoming cases.

Who would have guessed that we were all being spied upon?
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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard 6 days ago

Yes, it's a sad day when the government is spying on its own citizens. Thanks to Big Pharma, Big Tech and WEF it has arrived.

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