This Wed 3.0 is ahead of the curve.

Batman and the Vogon batmobile. This web3 is ahead of the curve. Ride along to learn more!

Hey Nadab Akhtar and Eraj A. - I believe #Batman will use #Vogon for his #Web3 experience.

This is my opinion and not that of anyone that owns the Batman trademark or anything - this is me speculating over the weekend.

It is my opinion that Batman would use the Vogon decentralized cloud with its embedded database #ledger technology that stores #JSONs and a super fast VM to generate collective intelligence to fight crime in Gotham for several reasons:

#First, the distributed nature of the cloud allows Batman to access data and intelligence from multiple sources without relying on a central server.

This allows him to quickly gather information and access data from multiple sources.

#Second, the embedded database ledger technology helps Batman track and store the information he gathers in a secure and organized manner, allowing him to search for information and generate reports quickly.

#Third All of Batman's friends can share the data they think will help him crime fight while staying anonymous and if the tip leads to capture they can get paid too.

#Lastly, the #VM allows Batman to generate collective intelligence from the data he collects, enabling him to process the information and gain insights that can help him fight crime in #Gotham more effectively.

written By Sean Brehm CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies. 




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