You Own Your Data, not Big Tech.

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With Vogon, the user, that owns the data, gets to decide who gets to do what, when, where, and how with their data.

A data lake is a repository of data stored in its raw format, usually object-based, such as JSON.  It allows for data collection and storage from various sources or in different formats making it easier for data engineers and scientists to manage and process the data.  
When a data lake is placed on a decentralized ledger database, it contains a distributed store of JSONs (JavaScript Object Notation) that anyone can access, view, and modify in the distributed ledger tech (DLT) network if the owner gives them rights.

This is achieved through algorithms that can facilitate AI performance, discover data correlations, and more. With a decentralized ledger database and a distributed document store of JSONs, users become empowered to make decisions from the data available and analyze it in a unified environment, which can result in a non-centralized collective intelligence.  

Eraj A. has something to add to this:

In the past, data analysis and AI have been run as the last step in a business process for most industries.  With CrowdPoint's system called Vogon, you move that last step to the beginning, right to the origin of the data, The individual bits of information coming across the wire get binned, stacked, and categorized right away because Vogon links data together, even if it's inside a blob of data with other records, according to its original, unique identifier. 

Big Tech has always had an advantage because you have teams of ML engineers and data scientists at the beck and call to build these systems and constantly incorporate people's data. But guess what... those are proprietary systems that share only when they want to. With Vogon, the user, who owns the data, gets to decide who gets to do what, when, where, and how with their data. 

Written by Sean Brehm.

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I asee it as restoring secure technology platforms for future builders with trust, protection and maximized value.
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