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Collective Intelligence is an essential component of Web 3, allowing people to combine their skills and knowledge to solve problems and create reliable, secure technologies. It also enables content creators to monetize their work without relying on centralized platforms, allowing for a more robust content-sharing capability. https://tinyurl.com/decentralized-cloud

The Vogon Decentralized cloud is a distributed computing system that enables data and services to be stored and shared across multiple nodes on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. This architecture eliminates the reliance on centralized cloud storage solutions, such as those provided by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. With a decentralized cloud, data is no longer controlled by a single organization and transferred over the internet, meaning information is more secure and less vulnerable to security vulnerabilities.

On the Vogon, Decentralized Cloud A trusted agent on a decentralized cloud is a software agent created by someone who has passed KYC and AML. It is responsible for executing transactions on the distributed cloud, allowing nodes to access encrypted data and manage transactions. A trusted agent is usually decentralized, meaning it doesn’t have a single point of control and is instead powered by the collective. It aims to bring trust to the distributed cloud environment by verifying users, storing access policies, and performing other operations on behalf of the cloud users.

Inviting all of you to become builders of more Trusted Agents on Web3. 

By Sean Brehm 




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