Who's Calling the 'Shots' (pun intended).

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Sharon Leonard
The Ripple Effect---(from a few who've assigned themselves powerful roles, imposing their extreme measures against the people)---Has Arrived.

America is becoming more unrecognizable every day due to a few elitists who have deemed themselves "World Leaders" and have used billions of both tax payer dollars and their own ill-gotten money to take over many parts of the world. From shutting down small farms across the US and other countries, to food plants- over 100  world wide mysteriously burning down, to imposing communist regulations and rules over an entire population including vaccine mandates that lead to death, and also, small business 'be damned'. Unfortunately, other world leaders and the current President are beholden to this bunch because of 'favors' owed and we the people find ourselves in a mess. Close to losing our soverienty and trying to hold on to our Constitution, which is also in jeopardy because of these same oligarchs. By way of money and power, they have carefully crafted and implemented strategies; placing judges in swing states, making clandestine deals with Big Pharma and Big Tech, taking over the schools via unions. An entire generation has been indoctrinated, children in the public school system are being exposed to extreme, abusive, emotional maneuvers. The same bunch has a hold over our Medical and Health systems around the world where they are now actually telling highly qualified doctors what they can and cannot prescribe; deeming themselves arbitrers who know what is best for all because of their 'quid pro quo' involvement in these arenas as well. Billions of dollars are at stake and they are not backing down. It will be up to the people to decide who and what they will listen to and will do, according to their own free will. Are you willing to exercise your free will or planning to give up for your freedoms? We are way past the point of 'avoiding' confrontational discussion. We are sitting in a country that has taken 'prisoners of war' -those peacefully protesting for what they believed to be an extremely unfair election. The same oligarchs disapproved of this behavior. One couple spent hours proving election fraud, instead of thanking them for diligently looking into this, the couple was arrested by the FBI. Watch 2,000 Mules, then make an informed opinion. That couple was arrested, treated horribly, for working so hard to tell the truth. It would appear the FBI is under this stronghold and is being weaponized against the very people it is, was, designed to protect. This is not a free country right now and no one seems to have the answer yet. It will be up to responsible citizens to figure this out, but we better not take too long. 

Truth Social is an uncensored platform that actually shares the truth. Epoch Times is the most current, verified news source that I can find. It is sadly being censored on social media platforms. You can read their article below for yourself and decide what the truth is. Just days ago AT&T and DirectTV shut down a major news source 'NewsMax' for not reporting the mainstream narrative. It was removed unfairly from 13 million homes across the country. Even though it is the 4th most watched news network in America. Look into it. To say we are in a dangerous situation is an understatement. This platform, Clikview, is not censored, doctors and others share the truth, while we still have our 1st Amendment. Some of us do, some have been arrested for simply exercising freedom of speech. Dr Simone Gold was told by the 'justice' system that her megaphone was a 'weapon'. Well I guess if you consider freedom of speech a crime, by their logic, the megaphone was a weapon...Stay vigilant and stay strong. Vote carefully and watch out for the Oligarchy that no one has voted for yet seems to have all the power. Link to a relevent, recent Epoch Times article: https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/world-economic-forum-risk-management-report-takes-aim-at-energy-and-food_5016665.html?utm_source=News&src_src=News&utm_campaign=breaking-2023-01-28-1&src_cmp=breaking-2023-01-28-1&utm_medium=email&est=luhBXoHZLDuiUUVrB3VjFga0%2FWAZVApZumV4wr6%2BALVlMFK6uNQqkitRicig6o1VBvENtisAxCE%3D

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