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Gregg Braden - The Torah Code: A 3,000 Year Old Ancient Map Reveals the Unthinkable!

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Gaia Exclusive MISSING LINKS Series Preview: Re-broadcast by request from Gregg's channel subscribers. Follow this link https://www.gaia.com/gaiatv-gregg to watch the full series, plus over 8,000 conscious expanding content, including the very best of Gregg Braden's Missing Link Series, Human by Design, and Pure Human - From the science of the modern world and the wisdom of the ancients comes a time-map that holds details of every major event of the past 3,000 years. Gregg Braden discusses the Torah Code ‚Äď he explains that it may not be a tool for predicting what will come, rather it gives us an understating of the cycles of time and the consequences of our choices.
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