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I Wish We All Could Leave California (Beach Boys Parody)

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The California Dream ain't what it used to be. In this parody of The Beach Boys' "California Girls", the Babylon Bee Boys express their yearning to leave the Golden State some day.

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Well, SF's packed with feces,
You gotta watch your step up there,
And Los Angeles with all their homeless camps,
The tents and drugs are everywhereIn Napa Newsom drops some
15 thousand bucks on wine
But in the rest of the state with all the mask mandates,
They keep us all locked up real tightI wish we all could leave California, now
I wish we all could leave California,
I wish we all could leave California, nowWell, Texas has more freedom,
And pistol grips out there aren't banned
I'd dig a Florida place with no mask on my face,
And no income tax sounds grandI been all around this Commie state,
And my time here's about spent
Yeah, but I couldn't spot even one U-Haul lot
That had a single truck left to rentI wish we all could leave California, now
I wish we all could leave California,
I wish we all could leave California, now (edited)

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Larry Hudson

2 years ago
Time to move on.
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Alyce-Kay Ruckelshaus

2 years ago
This is hilarious. I was born and raised in California. Got out 20 years ago. Last year, the joke here was that the Tennessee Real Estate board voted Gavin Newsome realtor of the year ... We had so many people moving here from California (and they're still coming).
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2 years ago
This video does not play.
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2 years ago
I have noticed this sometimes with the videos (mine as well as others). I find that they often start playing after a short wait; otherwise I refresh the page. Hopefully just CrwdView growing pains. I hope you'll try again. Best wishes!
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