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Ordering Pizza in the Future

23 Views· 03/03/23
Jim Garrigues
Jim Garrigues
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the ACLU´s version of ordering a pizza in the future.
This was made some 16 years ago!

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Sharon Leonard
Sharon Leonard 1 year ago

Life is stranger than fiction and as the WEF continues to put their plans in place if world governments and people comply it will certainly be this way. Thanks for posting a clear picture of the future that is very near. Wow, 16 years ago. They've planned for complete control for many years but they are no match for God and the free will of the people. This is how it could be otherwise. It's up to us. 🙏🏻Thanks again Jim!

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Carol Fox
Carol Fox 1 year ago

certainly scary but unfortunately possible given where they are going with all this nonsense. hopefully the good intentions, positive energy and faith of the rest of us will prevail. Lets all keep the faith and good energy flowing!

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