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Part 2 CrowdPoint Journey ATD.mp4

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Will Coufreur
Will Coufreur
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Part 2 CrowdPoint Journey ATD.mp4
By Sean Brehm
⁣What is the Vogon Technology in the simplest way possible.

A lot of people think that blockchain and a database are the same thing, but they're not.

So, what's a blockchain? Think of it like a digital ledger, right?

It's a list of transactions that everyone can see and agree on. But here's the thing, it only has the hash—a sort of digital fingerprint—that represents the transaction. It doesn't store all the details of what went down in the transaction. It isn't a custodial holding technology storing the data like a database does.

Now, when it comes to databases, that's where the juicy details are kept. Your name, the amount, time, all that stuff. And that's usually a Web 1.0, old-school relational database.

People get confused because they think, "Oh, blockchain is transparent and immutable, so the data must be too!."

But nah, that's not how it works.
The hash on the blockchain is immutable, sure, but the actual data behind it, the stuff in the database, can be changed nor is it fully transparent.

So, in simple terms, the blockchain is like the cover of a book, and it gives you a general idea of what the story is.

But the actual details of the story, the stuff that can be edited or is hidden—that's all in the database.
Vogon has combined both of those and built a decentrlaized cloud where the format of how the data is stored to create a data lake of your data.
That personal data lake is the nueral node of your Authentic Intelligence - your authentic human experience - and when you share it with others - it becomes Collective Intelligence.

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