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Part 3 The CrowdPoint Journey.mp4

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Will Coufreur
Will Coufreur
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Part 3 (of 3, not 4) of The CrowdPoint Journey.mp4
⁣CrowdPoint Technologies is not just another tech company; it's the foundation of the next-generation internet—Web3.

The Company is revolutionizing the way people interact with the digital world by creating a secure, reliable, and user-friendly ecosystem.
Whether you're a 16-year-old or an industry veteran, CrowdPoint is making the internet accessible and safe for you, breaking down barriers of age and technical skill level.
The Company's vision is to empower individuals as the true owners and beneficiaries of their data.
To realize this, CrowdPoint initially experimented with leveraging individual laptops as mini-servers to protect and potentially monetize user data. While innovative, this approach had scalability limitations due to the diversity in devices and operating systems.

That's when the Company pivoted to develop the Vogon Decentralized Cloud—a globally distributed, specialized node server system designed for high performance and impenetrable security.
This isn't just any cloud; it's a decentralized cloud technology underpinned by a decentralized ledger database. All data is encrypted and stored in an embedded document store that is both secure and organized, ensuring only authorized access.
The Vogon infrastructure also incorporates cutting-edge technologies like deterministic concurrency and BLS 12-381 algorithms for unparalleled data security and integrity.
This tech stack enables the Company to offer what it calls Authentic Intelligence, an ethical and transparent form of AI that evolves into Collective Intelligence as more users engage with the Vogon platform.

Think of it as a data lake that is not just secure and ethical, but also potentially profitable for the user—all adhering to the ethical principles, including Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics.
To complement its robust and decentralized cloud infrastructure, they have developed a powerful Virtual Machine, purpose-built for Web3.
This ensures lightning-fast processing of information without compromising on security.
In a nutshell, CrowdPoint Technologies is the backbone of Web3. They are redefining data management and monetization, providing a compelling investment opportunity in the new digital frontier.

Its scalable, secure, and ethical platform sets us apart, offering everyone access to the latest technology while keeping data secure and controlled by the user.
Invest in CrowdPoint Technologies, and you're investing in the future of the internet.

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