VIDS or SIDS? -Scientific Facts over Science Fiction

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Sharon Leonard
Facts surrounding too many infant deaths & 'science' fiction

Throughout many years we've experienced so many horrific infant deaths being recorded as another tragic case of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This is widely accepted, by the CDC, the Conventional Medical Industry, and US Hospitals without enough inquiries. Unlike Big Pharma establishments, families who have lost a child, a son, a daughter, sister, brother, grandchild- are still asking questions; the answer-- an acronym 'SIDS'. This is not enough coming from supposedly the most advanced medical systems in the world...advanced in what exactly? After witnessing countless testimonies on vaccine induced injuries and death, the onset of autism or sudden seizures in children who were perfectly healthy before their 'well-check' vaccine; one would wonder - where are the millions of doctors and scientists declaring 'Houston, we have a problem'... We as a society must ask the medical industry; Why SIDS? Is it truly 'Sudden' or is it 'Cause-Effect' and possibly not 'sudden' but actually a few or several hours delayed?  Is VIDS, Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome, being dismissed? Is it true that there are billions in profits from vaccines? Why are a small percentage of highly educated doctors and a large percentage of unhealthy occurrences being ignored? Why is carefully researched data by highly educated doctors scoffed at and labeled 'anti-vax'? Did you know the term anti-vaxer is actually in the Merriam-Webster dictionary? Someone has gone to an awful lot of trouble to make sure this label sticks. One has to wonder why reasonably intelligent doctors with nothing to lose but their medical license and reputation would put everything on the line, all that they've worked for, just to inherit the name anti-vaxer. Or maybe they have good reasons and they are thinking about the medical oath 'do no harm'. According to these doctors, there is research and data to back up the science. Could it be true that it is difficult to get data published in a world where the narrative, that happens to be worth billions, is pushed to the forefront for publication and any science that is not in accordance with the Big Pharma narrative is buried or funding for certain research disappears? This is not a stretch since Big Pharma has a stronghold over medical publications and also funds med-schools with grants for further findings, as long as the narrative is taught and taught 'well'. There are doctors who have dedicated their lives to help others and lost their practices for asking questions... isn't questioning a big part of science? 

When we examine the anecdotal evidence of the past three years, we see a pretty bleak picture of what the public has been allowed to view regarding the Covid vaccines, infant, youth, and adult deaths. If the CDC and WHO are willing to hide data and control the vaccine narrative to the point of overlooking millions of deaths and injuries, what else are they willing to hide in the name of fictional science? Propagandized narratives and commercials are doled out every day, right up until our youth are literally dropping dead before our eyes, seen at public venues. How many injuries from private venues were immediately taken down when shared on FB, and never reported in the mainstream news? People were unaware they suddenly had to dig and research for the truth surrounding the science and the facts because there were explicit directives from the elites to hide it.

Childhood vaccines have increased from about 12 in the 60's to 72 vaccines by the time a child is 18 years of age. That is 72 injections with albeit small amounts of yet very toxic ingredients. Some babies secrete the toxins while the unlucky ones do not. Are we playing a sort of 'Russian Roulette' with our youth? According to some doctors, research and sadly many parents, the answer is an astounding YES. The vaccine industry is worth billions. Med-school students are taught approximately 60% pharmacology. How much of Natural Health cures are taught in med-school? There is no money in natural cures but billions in pharmaceuticals. Try walking into a med-school and ask the students "Are there any natural cures that would effectively treat the root cause of this disease?" That question would not go over well, even though natural remedies around the world have cured people for thousands of years. Since the 1920's we are not allowed to talk about natural cures without it being dismissed as unworthy of the time it would take to research it. This is very convenient for an establishment that relies on pharmaceuticals for billions in profits. It would seem that our medical industry in the US has become a business. Not in the business of saving lives but in the business of making profits. Where else can insurance companies and medical board members actually dictate what a medical doctor may and may not prescribe? -- With no oversight. Board members of the FDA and CDC have literally gone back and forth from each board. They are a support system for one narrative, no oversight and 'nothing to see here'. The US is medically advanced yet it has the highest death rates. The ratios, data, and 'peer-reviewed' studies are not adding up. Some extremely intelligent doctors, those who have taken their oath very seriously, are speaking up about this. The questions we must ask ourselves as a society are:      A) Are we listening to brave doctors speaking out and asking questions or are we listening to well-trained mouth pieces of the industry's narrative?           B) Who is paying an extremely high price with their live's for our ignorance; while big corporations with vested interests remain quiet?            C) Who stands to gain monetarily from the answers to questions A and B?           *** Please see the links below to more information surrounding this topic.      <--  Listen to this Father, he is right.

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