2022 BMW M760 Long V12 - Wild Luxury Ship!

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BMW M760Li xDrive - Interior, Exterior and Drive

Engine: V12, 6.6 L, 585 Hp, 850 Nm
0-100 (km/h): 3.8 s
Top Speed: 305 km/h

Thanks to:
BMW Group Russia: https://www.instagram.com/bmwgroupru/
Kolorika Detailing (Studio): https://www.instagram.com/kolorika_detailing/


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Tamara DeVito
Tamara DeVito 2 days ago

It’s beautiful. A bit surprised to see ashtray in the door. They do make good change holders though I suppose. Nice video.

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Michael Forke
Michael Forke 3 months ago

I should offer these high end automobiles in the FORKESTORE.COM Would be a really awesome addition to the crwdworld marketplacle.

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blueavatar007 4 months ago

Quite luxurious though I prefer the Mercedes Benz EQS

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Cami 4 months ago

Very cool indeed!😎😊

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Diane Rose
Diane Rose 6 months ago

Cool, but probably cost a million dollars!!!

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